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A Brief History of World Cup Football

The FIFA (Federation Internationale Football Association) World Cup Tournament takes place every four years, and pits the best football teams from participating nations against one another to determine the world champion team. FIFA qualifying rounds take place over the three years between matches, and competition is fierce for the 32 final positions.

Juurgen Klinsmann – The Germany “Hero” in the 1990 World Cup

Jurgen Klinsmann, “a hero” in the 1990 Italy World Cup. He made his team beat Argentina at that time and become champion by his famous diving. Klinsmann, because of his diving also known as “father of diving” can not be denied as a person who have a big hand in Germany football history and even the world.

The Importance of Emphasising Technical Attributes For Player Development

This article discusses the need for coaches to emphasise technical qualities from an early age. It looks at how a player’s development revolves around the need for them to be able to perform the core skills to a competent level.

Can History Repeat Itself? England Versus the USA 1950 Remembered

For in one of the greatest coincidences in the rich annals of soccer history, the two teams meet in their first competitive match since the USA defeated England almost 60 years ago to the day. The game was a wakeup call for the English team, which had the feeling that all they needed to do was to turn up and win the game, and eventually the World Cup would fall into their hands. After all facts and statistics were on their side as English, self crowned “Kings of Football”,, had won 23 three of their last 30 matches, while the…

A Tale of Two Superstars As Real Crash Out of Europe

David Beckham, also a modern hero who learned his trade under the watchful glare of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester, made an emotional return to the scene of most of his former glories last night. David, despite his superstar status has always retained his humility, was obviously moved by his welcome from the Old Trafford faithful when he came on as a substitute in the 73rd minute.

A Week in the Life of David Beckham

A glorious career spanning more than fifteen years at the top looks like it is being drawn to a close, with two tumultuous events coming within five days. Almost symbolically these two events signal the fact that we are unlikely ever to see superstar David Beckham feature again on the World soccer stage, at least at any kind of major level.

Liverpool and Fulham Have Rough Nights in Europe, But What Do You Expect?

There are teams still competing who shouldn’t be there and others that are just happy to be there. There are no truer examples than England’s two remaining representatives, Liverpool and Fulham.

Developing Soccer Speed – 5 Ways to Use Hills to Run Faster

As a soccer player you are always looking ways to improve your quickness to get to the ball first. In the past hill running led to many injuries; however if you are smart about it you will increase your speed on the soccer field.

Youth Soccer – Top Five Reasons Young Soccer Players Need to Train For Strength and Power

The game of soccer has changed over the last ten to fifteen years and there are now many reasons to put young soccer players on strength and power training program. But first, keep in mind these are not programs that turn your son or daughter into a body builder.

Soccer Drills – Killer Tips on Soccer Formations

What if I told you that soccer drills which incorporate formations are the backbone of all training sessions. If these drills are not appropriate for your players then your training methods will be of no use.

Why Should You Use Coerver Coaching?

This article helps educate the reader on using Coerver soccer coaching. The articles discusses three key areas where Coerver helps soccer coaches decide on a coaching method.

The Italian National Soccer Team

Italy are second only to Brazil when it comes to success in the FIFA World Cup, and the current side secured qualification to the 2010 tournament in South Africa on October 10th 2009 with a draw against the Irish Republic. They will be defending the crown they won in Germany in 2006.

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