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How Important is Proper Warm Up For Youth Soccer Players?

Proper warm up is important for all sport persons, no matter what sport they attend to. Even more, it is important for youth players because they are more fragile and gentle. Absence of proper warm ups or no warm ups at all can cause significant damage to players. For the reason of soccer being so energetic sport, it is very important for youth soccer players to do their warm ups every time before the game or training starts.

How to Design Soccer Drills

A vital element in soccer drills is the fact that good communication and playing skills are of utmost importance which provide the basis for developing young players. As senior players, they will prove an asset to the team by affecting positive changes. It’s your duty as a coach to make them clear the goals that need to be accomplished after their training on the basic drills has been completed.

Barcelona Draws Against Arsenal, Puyol Sees Red

Barcelona FC of Spain Wednesday night drew 2-2 against Arsenal FC of England at the Emirates stadium in the 1st leg quarter final match of the UEFA Champions league. The match saw 4 goals scored in the 2nd half after a goalless 1st half.

Bayern Munich Guns Down Manchester United

Manchester United’s quest for yet another EUFA Champions’ league title this seasoned got dimmed last night as they lost 1-2 to the superior fireworks of Bayern Munich at Old Trafford. The match which was watched by united’s teeming supporters saw their darling team loosing at home to a better organized Munich.

This is Ronaldo – Great Soccer Career

Ronaldo Luiz Nazari o Da Lino, a legendary soccer player, was born in Rio de Janeir in 1976, 22nd September. He loved playing soccer so much that he played backstreet soccer frequently as he was a boy while he was wearing a small size soccer jersey.

Favorite Soccer Team

This article is going to be about my favorite soccer team of all times. I remember when I first saw FC Barcelona play at the age of 12 I fell in love immediately.

Soccer Drills – Learn the Basics

Try to understand my view point even if you don’t have the same opinion. In soccer drills, the players must first be taught the basics of the game in order to have then experience the game. The soccer training we talked about must happen first before starting with teaching them the more difficult parts or the best way of playing the game.

Can an African Country Win the South Africa Soccer World Cup?

In the recent three world cups, we have experienced a steady growth of African soccer at the international level. First it was Nigeria that shocked the world against Argentina. Subsequently we saw the surfacing of Ghana and Cameroon as regular participants.

Soccer Scholarships

As most soccer players are aware of, soccer is classified as an equivalency sport. This can be both good and bad for those applying for a scholarship.

One Sport Brings Our World Closer Together

The sport of Football is played in more countries than any other. It is the national No. 1 sport in more countries than any other. It has the power to bring communities and nations together.

Goalkeeper Trousers – Do Not Get Conned

If you learn how to dive properly there is no need to find GK pants with 20 inches of padding. Because what you have to be careful of, the more padding you have on your goalie trousers, the more it will limit your movement?

Why the London Olympics Football Will Be Better Than Euro 2012

In 2012, Europe will host not one but two major football events. In the summer, Ukraine and Poland will host the Euro 2012 Championships and in September, England will host the football tournament as part of the London 2012 Olympics.

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