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He Missed 3 Penalties in One Game But Never Gave Up

He missed 3 penalties in one game for Argentina, broke his leg celebrating a goal, suffered long term injuries but never gave up his dream. Last night this 36 year old came on and scored a World Cup goal.

Why Soccer (Football) Is the Most Popular Sport in the World

Football is one of the most popular sport in the world. There are various reasons. They range from different level of entry like juniors to professional players.In essence it means there is no age boundary as its played in teams,meaning tender age groups can easily be grouped together. This same reason of Team spirit help players develope sense of responsibility making it a very desirable tool for people from all walks of life. The other major factor is elimination of class,players are levelled together and normally identified by either their number or uniform.The Final unifying factor is the spirit of competition. This removes the barriers of class,race,religion, nationality or even continental variant. It is therefore not a wonder that the world cup competition creates such buzz of anticipation. Can we then blame Regions like England when they get into such frenzy of World Cup Winning Fever? They have good reason to feel they have gone an extra mile in preparation, and genuinely belief they deserve to win the 2010 cup in South Africa. This of course is backed by some little home truths of the British People,especially the English history.

Landon Donovan Finds the Old Onion Bag

They did it! The U.S. soccer team won their group and advance to final 16.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – North Korea Vs Ivory Coast Preview

North Korea and Ivory Coast will meet in a group G match on Friday, for the first time ever. North Korea have no hopes of getting to the round of 16, having lost both their previous matches. Ivory Coast have a theoretical chance of qualifying, provided they win by a gigantic margin.

World Cup 2010 Jerseys

Even if the World Biggest Soccer event 2010 has started since 11th June with the “kick off” of the Bafanas, the South African team, it is not too late to get your World Cup 2010 jerseys. What about getting the one of the host nation, that unfortunately now has to watch the matches, after having stopped the dream adventure on 22nd June 2010 not making it to the next stage?

F50 Soccer Shoes

In 1920, Adi Dassler made his first pair of shoes not the f50 Soccer Shoes from the meager materials that were available after World War I, and the Adidas Company has now been making high quality sporting gear and fashion for more than 80 years. Included in that fashion and sports gear mix has always been athletic footwear made with the latest and most advanced technology.

A Miracle For US Soccer

It was deep into the USA vs. Algeria game and the hopes that the U.S. would advance out of the group stage were getting less likely as the seconds went by. Fans were starting to lose hope, even though the U.S. was creating chances late into the game.

Secrets to Saving Penalty Shoot Outs

During penalty kicks, the pressure is usually on the player and not the goal keeper since, once the ball is placed on the spot, a goal is the expected outcome with odds stacked against the goalkeeper. The pressure increases especially when the scores are close and a scoring a goal in the penalty kick will turn the tide in the game.

Soccer 2010 World Cup – Why It’s Another Heartache in the Making For England

As a spectacle, the Football/Soccer World Cup is one of the finest. You get to see the big boys (Brazil, Germany, France etc) face off against the minnows (North Korea, South Africa etc) and either you want to see a complete whitewash or you’d like to see the little teams win.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Denmark Versus Japan Preview

Thursday’s group E clash between Denmark and Japan will decide who will accompany Holland to the round of 16, from the group. For Japan, a mere draw will suffice, as they have a superior goal difference compared with Denmark. For Denmark to qualify, only a win would do.

The World Cup Soccer Teams

Everybody knows, that each team participating in South Africa have World Cup t shirts. Normally everybody has two t-shirts in two different colors and are changed by the second team in case the colors are too similar.

Team Italy – Conspiring to Win

Not too many soccer fans will easily forget the plight of the Italian National Team during the 2002 World Cup Tournament. The team went sixteen rounds, playing with skill and determination, only to loose in a match that left a taint that the tournament has yet to fully disperse.

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