WTF Moments

Kaka-Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite

Born in April of 1982, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is currently known to his many adoring fans as Kaka. The Brazilian native plays midfielder for the Los Ligas club, Real Madrid and also enjoys the privilege of playing the same position for the Brazilian National Team.

Goalkeeper – The Ultimate (Tragic) Hero?

3rd day into the world cup and it seems that the goalkeepers are playing their role. On one hand you have Robert Green (England) and Faouzi Chaouchi (Algeria) who allowed really soft goals that cost their team valuable points, on the other hand you have Vincent Enyeama who saved his team from a terrible defeat when stopping Leo Messi and the Argentinian strikers time after time.

Us Americans Don’t Understand Soccer

I watched the World Cup match between the USA team and the team from England. I can honestly say that the game was not interesting at all. It was a big snoozefest. With all the hype, I thought there was a chance that us Americans got it wrong. Perhaps there is something…

England’s World Cup Campaign Off to Shaky Start

Day 4 of the World cup is about to get under way with two of the European heavyweights due in action later today. Netherlands and Italy are both in action and while neither are been tipped as winners of the tournament, they would both be expected to get out of their groups and possibly progress further. With 8 matches having been decided over the weekend, more questions than answers have been thrown up.

Soccer Speed and Agility, the Truth of the Matter

If I asked you if you think agility is related to speed in a straight line and jumping ability, what would you say? The answer is surprisingly, not much. Agility stands somewhat alone as an athletic ability.

North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program Has No Future, But Their Soccer Team Does

Apparently, North Korea should not be underestimated in their endeavors. And while the UN, US, and their neighboring nations are miffed at their nuclear weapons program and plans to sell such weapons around the world as a budding new industry – you certainly cannot condemn their soccer team. The North Korean’s soccer team has shown us that they are completely competitive at the World Cup, as they played the number one ranked Brazilian Team; a very impressive showing by the North Koreans.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Italy Vs Paraguay Preview

While Paraguay’s current form is a potent positive, Italy are no pushovers even in bad times. So, which way will this match go?

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Japan Vs Cameroon Preview

In a match that could quite aptly be labelled as being an Asia versus Africa contest, on Monday, in Bloemfontein, Japan take on Cameroon in match number 10 of the World Cup. Both these teams are widely considered as being dark horses in a group that also has European teams Holland and Denmark.

We Are the Crowd

Cultural change can be an incredible thing to witness and examine. This is especially so when the change is something you’ve involved in, up close, and felt personally. In 1974 as a young teenager living in Cincinnati I watched the World Cup at the Cincinnati Gardens. The games were shown on a movie screen on the basketball court with curtains draped all around. My mother managed to win a set of tickets from a local radio station and I got the thrill of my young lifetime.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Highest Paid Footballer in the World

Cristiano Ronaldo who joined Real Madrid this season in in a world record transfer fee from Manchester United, is currently the highest paid football player in the world, after a “Top 50” list was released today. According to the “Football Finance” site, Cristiano Ronaldo, currently with Real Madrid, is the highest paid footballer in the world.

Englands Build Up Continues With 3-0 Friendly Win

All quiet on the western front this morning with only 3 days left before blast off in South Africa 2010. World Cup Spread Betting news is fairly thin on the ground this morning with no major stories of any note coming out of the rainbow nation. Most of the squads are putting their final preparations in place and playing their last warm up matches before battle commences for real.

Italy Draws Against Paraguay

The World Cup defending champions, Italy began their title defense on a not too impressive note, as they were held to a 1-1 draw by their South American opponent, Paraguay, this evening. Much was expected from the Italians; and being the defending champions, a lot of people thought the Paraguayans would not be difficult for them to override. But it soon became clear that the South Americans were no push over as they became the first to hit the back of the net.

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