Day 3 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Barbados.

Consider Soccer For Your Children

Endorphins are the key to happiness and exercise is the key to releasing those endorphins. Normally every child will have access to physical activities such as sports at school but it is vital for their development in order for them to grow healthily and live happily. As children grow, it is essential for them to have a means of letting out some of their energy, and we all know how much energy a child can contain.

Chelsea FC Gifts – Some Chelsea Stats

Chelsea FC is one of the oldest football clubs in the Premier league. Founded in 1905, Chelsea plays at Stamford Bridge in the West London borough of Hammermith and Fulham. Stamford Bridge has the capacity for 41,841 fans.

Why Soccer is a Great Sport For Kids

A child’s health and well being is directly affected by their level of physical activity. Children who are more physically active will inevitably be happier children as they will have released higher amounts of endorphins through exercise. Children need something to release their energy into and any type of physical sport can be a great way to let off some of their energy.

Why it is Hard to Picture a Liverpool Side Without Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres has been constantly linked with a move away from Liverpool football club following the ongoing rumours that the club are in millions of pounds worth of debt. The sale of Fernando Torres would bring in a huge sum of cash for the Liverpool owners, but we try to picture what would happen if Torres was sold.

Mercurial Vapors

Mercurial Vapors are noticed for their bright colours. Lighting up dull afternoons with vivid colours. Darting around the pitch on the feet of the quickest and trickiest players. These fabulous boots are for the players that stand out from the crowd.

Egypt Crowned African Champions For the Third Time in a Row

The orange 27th African Nations’ Cup tournament finally came to an end on Sunday 31st January, 2010 at the November 11 stadium in Luanda, Angola. The closing ceremony was capped with the award of this year’s trophy to the Pharaohs for keeps after they won it for 3 consecutive times.

Chelsea Back on Top of the League Table

Chelsea is back on top of the English premiership table after Manchester united took over momentarily for a few weeks. With 54 points from 23 matches, we are gradually beginning to separate ourselves from our closest rivals. By the time we played our 2 outstanding matches and won, we came back to our deserved position (top of the table).

CAF Banning of Togo – Was it the Right Decision?

On the 30th of January, 2010 CAF pronounced the Togolese national team banned for the next 2 editions of the Nations’ Cup tournament and also fined them $50,000 for withdrawing from this year’s edition in Angola. They based their reasoning on the premise that Togo’s government interfered with football administration by asking the team to come back home.

The World’s Worst Soccer Teams – Cuba

Once upon a time Cuba was one of the best teams in the Americas. By the early 1930s, the Island finished first at the I Central and Caribbean Games.

The World’s Worst Soccer Teams – Taiwan

The Island is the second-worst soccer team in the world today. The national squad, once a powerful team on the continent of Asia, has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup. Throughout the 1950s, Taiwan called special attention when the men’s soccer team earned twice the Asian title.

Bookmakers Soccer Predictions – Top Verses Secondary Leagues – 2008-09

The accuracy of bookmakers’ soccer predictions differs between top and secondary European leagues. Assuming that bookmakers try to minimize payoffs for the winners, their predictions’ accuracy can be estimated by comparing betting odds and real match outcomes. Bettors can make profits by analyzing the accuracy of the bookmakers’ predictions for each league and focusing on leagues where their performance is poor. This article compares between the accuracy of soccer predictions made by bookmakers for top vs. secondary European leagues during 2008/09 and the first half of 2009/10 seasons.

Bookmakers Soccer Predictions – 2008 vs 2009

Bookmakers use their own soccer prediction models. Their odds are usually calculated in a way that minimizes the payoffs for match favorites. The accuracy of these predictions can be analyzed by comparing between the betting odds and the real outcome of soccer matches.

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