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Soccer Jerseys

Do you know what is happening to the Italian soccer jerseys now that Italy is not in the World Cup anymore? In Naples they are selling them off for half price or even stocking them in their warehouses.

Some Thoughts on the Recent World Cup Games

Since my last posting, the World Cup has picked up considerably in action. There has been more goal scoring, and more drama. While the refs have been pretty terrible in retrospect, there has been no shortage of action since the first few games.

FIFA Should Allow Tech Devices to Support Referee

The world cup of 2010 was a cultural phenomenon. Almost everyone was trapped inside the house to watch the soccer matches – sometimes 3 a day. This is great and brings people together.

How Fair Can You Play to Win?

Winning and losing is a part of a life no matter what work you are into, you should always try your best to win. At least one should think in that way. With the recent world cup football fever…

FIFA World Cup Champion?

Nothing in the World Cup is predictable. Because we are in the knockout stage of the competition, its win or go home. More than likely, there will be some games decided by penalty kicks, where anything could happen. No matter how superior a team is, if they don’t make the most of their chances, they can be knocked out at the blink of an eye.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Ghana Vs USA Round of 16 Preview

USA and Ghana will meet in Rustenburg on Saturday in a second round clash that looked improbable till the last minute of extra time in USA’s match against Algeria, in group C. Ghana also barely qualified, on goal difference, after having lost their last group D match against Germany.

5 Great Websites For Soccer Fans Using Satellite Internet

While soccer–or football as the rest of the world happens to call it–might have already been a big deal in other countries for years, Americans are just now getting into the spirit of the game. And while youth and recreational soccer for youngsters has been on the rise for a couple of decades at the very least, professional teams and their big days aren’t nearly as big of a deal to most people.

Catch the World Cup in Espanol on Satellite TV

As any football, or rather soccer, fan knows, some of the most avid soccer fans and watchers in the world are Spanish speakers. Whether talking about those living at home in locations around Latin America or those living abroad or in the United States, during the months of June and July of 2010 many will be rallying around certain bars, restaurants, apartments, houses, and more importantly television sets to watch World Cup matches and cheer on their home countries. This year, all of the matches will be available to watch in the US, not only in Spanish, but in high definition on ESPN and Univision. With 64 matches to watch that adds up to a whole lot of football, or soccer, action!

FIFA World Cup 2010 – South Korea Vs Uruguay Round 16 Preview

Finally, the men have been separated from the boys and the knock out round begins on Saturday in Port Elizabeth, with the first match scheduled between South Korea and Uruguay. Uruguay have been impressive from their first match against France.

Landon Donovan – America’s Top Scorer, America’s Best Soccer Player

With the World Cup starting June 11, the name Landon Donovan crept into the US media. But who is this man? The top scoring soccer player in American history, Donovan is surely one to watch.

Ghana Qualifies For Quarter Finals – Beats USA 2-1

The Ghana national team Saturday evening wrestled their way into the quarter finals stage of the 2010 FIFA world cup by beating USA 2-1 in a keenly contested match. It was a repeat of their victory over the Yankees in Germany 2006.

Free Soccer Training Drills – How to Create Space

What if I told you that making and using space is one of the most important free soccer training drills sessions you can run with your players? Other coaches will just stand and admire your team as it scores goals that started in defense.

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