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Premier League Match Time: Birmingham Vs Arsenal

It’s Premier League match time at St Andrews’ when Birmingham host Arsenal on New Year’s day, in match week 21. Arsenal are clearly the superior team in attack though they have some problems in defence. Birmingham have beaten Chelsea at home this season, and will look to exploit Arsenal’s defensive frailties. I expect this to be a hard-fought match dominated by the Gunners.

Premier League Match Time: Manchester City Vs Blackpool

Premier League match time dawns at City of Manchester Stadium, on New Year’s Day, when Manchester City host Blackpool, in match week 21. Blackpool’s last away game in match week 17 ended 1-0 in the visitors’ favour at Britannia Stadium, a venue that the best teams have found difficult to play in. Expect Blackpool to show plenty of fight in the New Year’s game against City, even though Mancini’s squad might prove a little too strong for Holloway’s men.

Premier League Match Time: Chelsea Vs Aston Villa

It’s Premier League match time at Stamford Bridge on January 2, 2011, when champions Chelsea host Aston Villa in a return encounter. After leading the table for 15 weeks, Chelsea have slipped to fourth position. The home game against Houllier’s squad gives a full-strength Chelsea a great opportunity to bank full points, in their first match of the New year.

Premier League Match Time: West Brom Vs Man United

The second half of the season is well and truly on, with West Brom hosting Manchester United in a return match in the first game of the New Year. All in all, this is an interesting contest to begin the New Year with, and it will be a test of character for a full-strength United who will seek to register only their second away win in eight games.

How to Play Goalie in Indoor Soccer

Playing goalie in indoor soccer is very, very hard. It requires lots of abilities and is in general a lot more difficult than outdoor soccer. This article will outline what you need to know and practice so you can be a better keeper!

What to Do on Kickoffs in Indoor Soccer

In indoor soccer, it’s not clear what you should do when you have a kickoff. Most teams squander this awesome opportunity to start a play with excellent field position and the ability to choose where your players are – plus your opponents can’t come and try to take the ball! This article will tell you some of the excellent plays you can execute on kickoffs!

What Are the Two And Three-Line Rules in Indoor Soccer?

Indoor soccer has some rules that are different from outdoor soccer. Some of these are in place just because it’s a distinct sport, but some are in place because they need to be! The two and three line rules are examples of this, because without them, a loophole in indoor soccer rules could be exploited!

How to Coach Indoor Soccer

I know that some of you out there are actually coaches and not players for indoor soccer! These articles I’ve been writing are for you too, not just the players. And if you’re a player, this article could help you too.

3 Ways to Get A Red Card in Indoor Soccer

Red cards are terrible things to get in indoor soccer! There are quite a few repercussions and getting one would certainly negatively affect your team. This article will tell you all about red cards in indoor soccer and a few common ways that people get them, so you can avoid doing any of them!

Why Are Those the Five Best European Championships?

There is no doubt that football is one of the greatest games on the planet. When people want to know why some championships are occupying the first five positions in the European rating, the best manner is to receive the needed and enough data why exactly they are the winners. In my opinion, the Italian, Spanish, English, German and French leagues deserve their prestige because of their class, traditions and current shape.

Wholesale Soccer Cleats – Adidas Cleats

Soccer, in the recent times as well as earlier has been one of the mostly played and widely appreciated sports by everyone. Be it women, men or kids; soccer is liked and played by all.

What to Do on Corner Kicks in Indoor Soccer

When you’re taking a corner kick in indoor soccer, you have a few choices regarding what you can do and what the rest of the players on your team can do. What you decide depends on several factors that I will outline in this article! The first thing you need to take into account is that you don’t have much space to run up and kick the ball from, since it is probably situated so close to the boards.

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