Preventing Forward Passes and Recovery Defending

How Football Developed With Time

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world, bringing in millions of fans, wealthy people and organisations, and of course large amounts of money. The modern football game first originated in the green and pleasant land of England around the year 1863 but it is known that many countries and different types of cultures played a game that was much alike the game of football that date back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans. For example the Romans played a game similar to football that had 27 players each side and often ended with minor and major injuries as the game was very violent.

Soccer Banners Are a Great Way to Promote Your Team

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. It’s a religion for some and a favorite pastime for many. Hence, soccer fans can be considered the most enthusiastic sport supporters. Furthermore, they show their support by wearing their team colors and flocking to their respective team grounds, providing chants and songs.

Soccer Drills For U8 – Learn the Top 3 Session Drills

Kids by nature are playful and interested in everything happening around them. Kids will only be attentive when there is something interesting going on. Compared to teenagers, kids are pretty much a handful. Soccer drills for U8 needs to be the same… Playful and interesting. This will help the kids to better grasp the concept of soccer and help them in the future.

Soccer Dribbling Drills – Key Tips and Tricks For Coaches

Soccer dribbling drills are essential to every attacking player’s armoury. Every soccer player wants to be able to dribble the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo. For the past few years, players who have been voted player of the year, have been brilliant dribblers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka. Every soccer player wants to make the fans stand, and leave defenders shaking in their boots.

Youth Soccer Drills – Improve Your Teams Skills

Youth Soccer Drills are fun and easy when you have a plan. Being a coach, it is crucial that you have a long and short term goals for your team. Another crucial element is having a detailed planned training session.

Coaching Youth Soccer – 3 Simple Drills to Add Fun to Your Next Soccer Practise.

Here are three proven soccer drills that will take you coaching youth soccer to the next level, and your team will just keep coming back to training for more. While I have been coaching youth soccer, I have watched over other training sessions of other age groups, and while watching a few, I found that a minority of the coaches did not seem to have any fun soccer drills when coaching youth soccer teams. When coaching youth soccer teams, coaches need to assess the age group they are training, and plan their fun soccer drills according to the age …

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Football Kit

There are some pointers to take note of when picking out your team’s kit. They are durability, performance, and the looks. These are the principal considerations to take note of as you select one which would distinguish your team from the crowd. Read on and be enlightened regarding these three important factors.

The Ronaldo That Everyone Forgot About

No, not Cristiano Ronaldo. What ever happened to the original Brazilian striker?

Spanish League – Barcelona Extend Their Lead Three Points by Defeating Recreativo Huelva

The 18-time champion of the Spanish La Liga, FC Barcelona, kept winning this weekend by beating Recreativo Huelva 2-0 on the 11th date of the league. This is the ninth consecutive Barcelona’s win in La Liga and the 16-straight unbeaten victory of the season.

Youth Soccer Drills and Skills

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on lots of kids: nearly one in four children is considered obese. What can parents do to encourage fun activities that will interest their children? Youth soccer of course.

What is Soccer?

What is soccer actually? In this article you will get answer on that and get an introduction on how to play the game.

Brief History of Soccer

Have you ever wondered how old the history of soccer is? Or where the soccer was played for the first time? Get answer on this and more in this article.

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