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Why People Are Buying Vuvuzelas

This article looks at the South African vuvuzela horn and asks why the vuvuzela became so popular. The author believes that the commercial success of the vuvuzela lies in the fact that it is easy to play and loud and appeals to those wanting to be heard above the crowd.

Premier League Fixtures

Villa will be hoping this time will be third time lucky as far as qualifying for the champions league, the fact remains that they need to spend money on quality players that can propel them from 6/7th each season to 4th and they may need to break the bank to do this. Several players are not European grade such as Agbonlahor.

World Cup 2010 – Top 6 Travel Tips For Soccer Fans

World Cup 2010 is here, and maybe you have decided to go to South Africa to watch live football matches. Then you really need to read this article where some essential tips are provided to ensure that your trip to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is safe, enjoyable, and memorable. Here are the top 6 ones.

The World Cup – You Know You Are a Fan If You Can Say the Following

You brag about the time you watched March Madness on your work computer, then pushed the “boss” button when your superior walked by, instantly changing your screen to a spreadsheet screenshot. But that’s nothing compared to what soccer fans do to show support of their country in the World Cup. Read on for more.

England Vs Algeria

Rooney where art thou? It appears our one shining light has lost his mojo and really needs to find his form very quickly for England to have any chance to get through the World Cup 2010 tournament. After enduring a frustrating 90 minutes I am sure we all felt the same and were all asking the same questions to the nearest sofa watcher.

Team Germany – Ready For a Win After a Long Drought

After coming close a number of times, the German National Team finally earned the most coveted prize in football, a win at the World Cup, during the 1974 tournament. They were the host team for that event, and the final is one they remember with fierce pride.

Team England – Remembering a Great Win and Hoping For Another Shot

The sixties were an era of change. Peace signs, love beads, the Beatles and the English National Team winning the World Cup in the pouring rain at Wembley Stadium. It was 1966 and three years before Woodstock.

World Cup (P)review

So the 2010 World Cup is well under way, and with a paltry average of 1.56 goals a game after the first round of group games compared to 2.43 at this stage in 2006, I think it’s fair to say that this has not been quite what global audiences hoped or expected. A closer look, however, would suggest that perhaps this lack of goals is not so surprising; the defensively minded 4-2-3-1 formation du jour has certainly made itself known at the competition.

Brazil – The National Football Side With Amazing Records

Nobody likes to lose, especially not when competing in a tournament as internationally prestigious at the FIFA World Cup Championships. Team Brazil, however, may hate it more than just about anyone.

Argentina – Ready to Win With Messi

One of the thirteen teams to take part in the very first World Cup Championship in 1930, Argentina has certainly enjoyed its share of success and agonized in some serious slumps in the decades since. They’ve tasted the ultimate victory and been handed some very cruel defeats.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Amazing Facts You Might Not Know

The Federation Internationale de Football Association proudly brings the FIFA World Cup to the soccer world every four years. The men’s national football teams of many countries vie to take part in this esteemed event.

The Thrill of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals

Football was originally played and devised in the United Kingdom, and then afterwards it is introduced by the British to most of its colonized territories like the African nation South Africa. Few more years and it gained popularity among sports enthusiasts not only in Europe but to almost every country in the world.

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