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Don’t Be Lazy, Read About Soccer Motivation

Soccer motivation is the key to soccer success. Are you still looking for your keys?

Basic Soccer Drills That Can Produce Superstars

Basic soccer drills are essential for any soccer superstar. Like the saying says, the simple things in life are often the best.

The Benefits of Kid’s Soccer Drills

Soccer drills play a key part in teaching children how to play the game of soccer. However, many people do not fully grasp the wide range of benefits of kid’s soccer drills that are provided to the players who practice them. As a coach, it is important to remember the many different advantages that these drills provide, and make them an essential part of every practice.

The Unseen Threat From Europe – the Premier League’s Dominance of European Football is in Danger

With the news that the TV money is still going to keep rolling in, things look good for the English Premier League. But with Manchester United running away with the title, threatening to make the world’s richest title less competitive than a Communist-era government tender, and the big European rival leagues finally getting their act together, what does the future hold for the English behemoth?

Soccer Coaching – How Can You Improve?

Want to be a better Soccer Coach? Want to be a better Soccer Player? See how you can improve your Soccer Coaching skills.

What is the Offside Rule?

Typically the offside rule is in place to help regulate a game of football & put boundaries in place to stop attacking players playing too far up the field. The main reason for this rule is to stop “poaching.” Poaching is a term used to describe a player who stands next to the goals (or nearby) & waits for a teammate to pass the ball so he can easily score a goal.

Is the Poetry of the Football Terrace Dead?

The government has recently raised an initiative of encouraging our PlayStation children to practise their reading and writing more, by creating poetry in the vein of the football chants. Evidence the art form of the football terraces – its voice – is dying. This initiative while laudable, the paradigm is wrong.

Juventus Wins and Gets Closer to Inter

Juventus FC joins again the battle for the title of the maximum Italian league after the 2-1 victory obtained before Catania in the past weekend match day (23rd). With this triumph, Juve gets a push up following the failure on the two last games, which had already made them descend from the second position to the third, putting them in danger of staying to far from the top position.

3 Handy Soccer Training Tips in 3 Minutes

If you are a soccer player yourself, you would acknowledge that soccer training is the most important part of your development as a player. Weekend games are not where you learn and improve your soccer skills. As a result, it would be a good idea to take steps to dramatically improve your training and hence your ability as a soccer player. Below are 3 easy and practical tips to take your soccer training to the next level.

Positions of Players on a Soccer Field

Many people ask about the positions of players on a soccer field, so this article is the response! If you want to find out what all the different positions are and what they involve, then this article should have all you need…

Profitable Football Business

The business of football has become a very lucrative one with the sport turning in over one billion dollars ($1billion) annually; the business has grown to a stage where over fifty million pounds are placed on a player. Player is also promised a huge salaries as much as six million pounds per annum. The business of football is a rich mind business anybody can tap into and start generating income.

Roma Football Shirts Worn With Pride

Rome, the heart of Italian culture, rich in heritage and history and the home of one of Serie A’s most famous football teams. There was a time when you wouldn’t look much further than AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus for a successful Italian side, but now that untouchable three has become very much a power four.

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