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Tom Hicks Killing The Texas Rangers

When Tom Hicks took control of the Texas Rangers midway through the 1998 season (making George W Bush rich in the process), the Rangers had a pretty good team. They had won the AL West division (which comprises 4 teams) in 1996 and went on to repeat this under Hicks in 1998 & 1999. The results since then have been unbelievably poor.

The New Liverpool Stadium

This is one of the murkier issues surrounding Liverpool Football Club at the moment. Everyone knows about the embarrassing U-turn on the stadium plans announced to such fanfare last July – a move that was publicly attributed to “spiralling costs”. The idea that costs could “spiral” so unforeseeable in the space of 4 or 5 months is questionable in itself (assuming that a proper project appraisal had been undertaken by architects HKS).

Euro 2008 – Germany Certain and Put

The German team seems to be very confident for the Euro 2008 despite they haven’t won any European Championship since 1996. Since the 2006 World Cup the team is still very optimistic due to all the euphoria and excitement received. Up to this point the Germans have defeated the two Euro co-host Austria and Switzerland and expect to continue their winning streak.

Soccer Skills – How To Improve Your Weaker Foot

Theres no doubt that the modern that a player has to be able to dribble, pass and generally kick with both feet. Truth be told there is only a limited number of professional players that can use both feet effectively. Being able to use both feet will give you as a player the added edge needed to make the next level. This article shows you how you can effectively improve your weak and foot.

Soccer Skills – How To Disguise Your Passes

To become a better player you have learn how to disguise your passes. Being able to disguise your gives you an added edge that coaches and managers love. The further you move the the ladder in soccer the this skill has to factor into your game.

Soccer Training – Only The Best Players Are Creative

It’s true only the best players in the world have the ability to create those opportunities great skill. This article shows you the skills needed to be able to create goals out of nothing, how to perform those amazing flick passes that catch defenders napping.

Tribute to The Coach – Frank Rijkaard

I’m glad that I’m not the only one with a very limited memory. Some already blame Rijkaard for the “bad” results of the last two years on the league. But this year they ended second only After Real Madrid and last year too if I’m not mistaken.

World Cup 2010 – Kenya Lays Strategy For Marketing

Kenya has put herself in a strategic position for marketing as stop over point for South African bound world cup teams. The announcement that the country will be hosting the 2010 African athletics championship has put the country in an ideal position to market itself.

New Hopes? Guardiola To Lead Barca

One of the oldest and most well-known football clubs in the history of the sport; the FC Barcelona has been struggling over the past seasons in the Spanish first division in order to get back on track. It has definitely been a bumpy ride for the Catalan group as many of its football have began to diminish their usual shine; either due to injuries or constant internal affairs that do not seem to reconcile.

Jay Jay Okocha – So Good They Name Him Twice

Augustine Azuka ( Jay-Jay ) Okocha who was born August 14 ,1973 in Enugu ( same day as my mom difference year though is a Nigerian footballer who currently plays for Hull city in the lower league in England a move which was completed in 2007. Nicknamed Jay-Jay for his entertaining and Flamboyant style of play.

European Championships 2008 – Group B

With the final sixteen teams decided and the Euro 2008 finals due to kick off soon, it’s time to place your bets on this immensely popular football tournament. If you are trying to get the heads up on which team to bet on in Euro 2008, this article will help you by taking a look at the potential in Group B.

Tom Hicks & Corinthians

It seems Tom Hicks leaves a trail of devastation wherever he goes. His disastrous foray into the Brazilian football market as chairman of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst left Corinthians, second most popular club in Brazil, in a state of turmoil.

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