NYCFC Head Coach Ronny Deila Strips After Winning MLS Cup #Shorts

Is the Premiership Really That Good, or Just Part of BSkyB’s Successful Marketing?

To British subscribers of BSkyB, and in particular Sky Sports, you might have noticed that the message that the Premiership is the place to be has been hammered down your throat on more than one occasion. Is the Premiership really that good, or is this just part of BSkyB’s attempt at successfully marketing their brand?

The Light-Hearted Arsenal Season Review – The Best And Worst Of Arsenal’s 2006/2007 Season

It has been a little while coming and I decided to take slightly different slant on things than originally planned, but here is my review of Arsenal’s 2006/2007 season. The review will focus on some of the most memorable moments of Arsenal’s season with the intention of being a bit more entertaining than analytical. For a review more along those lines it is hard to go past the one provided by Arseblog and you can read that here. But in the meantime, enjoy some of the best (and worst) moments of the past season in this trip down memory lane.

Let Us Think Of Interesting Soccer Party Games To Throw In Some Extra Fun

For your Soccer Party Game, you need to think of different games that you believe are going to make the party truly exciting. Soccer is the most watched game throughout the world and it is gaining more and more acceptance and coverage every day.

Essential Skills for Soccer and How to Develop Them

In order to play soccer at a competitive level, there are a few skills you must develop.

Uk Soccer

A historical record of the development of soccer in England shows that Eton College had the earliest known rules of the game in 1815.

Soccer Banners Creative Ideas For Your Next Soccer Party Or End Of The Soccer Season Get Together

British football, more commonly known in The United States as soccer, has gained in popularity, as is evidenced in the fact that more and more companies that print banners are seeing an increase in the production of soccer banners and other soccer and team related apparel and products. Soccer moms proudly display soccer ball stickers on their automobiles

A Quick Review of The 2006 – 2007 Season

Review of the winners and losers during the 2006/2007 English Premier League campaign. The title winners, the cup winners and those who were relegated together with a look at the managers who were sacked or who quit their posts.

How Man United Won The English Premiership Title

the article summarizes the latest English premiership season and how gives a blow-by-blow account of how man united won the premiership title. it gives soccer fans a useful overview of the season.

Soccer Skills Drills and Laying Out a Quality Practice

Each week you have a finite amount of time to practice skills drills with your team. It is important to maximize the quality of the time you do have in order to cover as many topics as possible and give your team ample time to work on each skill. Therefore, having a plan for soccer practice is vital to you success.

Football Future

Football transfers ” HOW BIG WILL THEY GO” this is an overview of Football transfers and how far chairmen of football clubs will be willing to go to get their man.

Joaquin Scored The Goal In The Injury Time, Mallorca 0-1 Valencia

In the match between Mallorca-Valencia, Joaquin scored the only goal in injury time to give Valencia 3 points. Played in Estadio San Moix, Mallorca seems dominated by Valencia. Ayala, Miguel Angulo, and Joaquin himself created several chances for Valencia from the start.

Get Started With Your Soccer Kit

If you are interested in the game and planning to play it, you need.

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