Fernandes, Alexander-Arnold, De Bruyne or James? | BEST Premier League crosser is…

Calcio – A History of Corruption and Scandal

Italy, a country associated with fine wine, exquisite cuisine, beautiful women, and above all Calcio. The Italians are very passionate when it comes to the latter, but unfortunately their beloved game has a stark history of corruption, and scandal.

Messi’s Hand Keeps Barce Alive

Well, Lionel “Diego” Messi has now a pair of God’s Hand.

Club And Country Will Battle It Out For David Beckham

This article summaries the remarkable comeback by England star David Beckham, from being a bench warmer at his club Real Madrid to his recent recall to the England fold after 11 months in international wilderness. His rise to prominence has created an impending battle for his services between his new American club LA Galaxy and his nation.

Free Youth Soccer Drills Can Transform Your Soccer Team

Finding the time to coach is difficult! Make it easier this season! Most youth soccer coaches are both parents first and as we all know supporting a family and balancing work and home life is becoming increasingly difficult.

Soccer Trapping Drills

Being able to trap and control ball is important for any soccer player. No matter the trajectory of the ball’s arrival, a good soccer player must be able to receive and control it to maintain possession. Youth soccer coaches hoping to produce quality players should focus a good amount of effort on making sure their players learn to adequately trap the ball.

Psychology and Soccer

It has long been recognized that physical components are not enough to make athletes excel in their fields. One of the latest concepts being applied to enhance the performances in sports is called cognitive psychology – the study of brain mechanisms or human mental processes in relation to the way we perceive things, feel about things, solve problems, and the probable root cause of our behavior.

Annual Review of Football Finance Reveals Disturbing News

This article reviews the main findings of the Annual Review of Football Finance by Deloitte & Touche at the end of last month. It revealed the shocking fact of spiraling costs, wages and expenditure in the English Premier League. In the long run, I can foresee that soccer fans will bear the brunt of the higher costs.

To the End of the First Half of the Euro 2008

The current European champions Greece have made an excellent start to their campaign, and in addition should pick up another three points when they face Moldova in Crete in their bid to reach the finals in Austria and Switzerland.

South Africa vs Chad

A match review of the South Africa vs. Chad soccer match that took place on the 2nd June 2007.

England Vs Brazil: I Fear The Worst For England

This article previews the critical friendly soccer match between England and Brazil, to be held at the newly reopened Wembley stadium on 02 June 2007. While the preparations of the Brazilians have been steadfast, the same cannot be said of the English team, which has been rocked by the sudden recall of David Beckham and ravaged by injures. I am keeping my fingers crossed as an England fan.

Rising Stars – England Soccer Trial Standouts

The world’s most talented young players converge in England each May at soccer try-outs for England’s extremely competitive Premiership teams.

Soccer Equipment

The basic requirement of the game is:

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