Day 6 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Barbados.

The History of Blackburn Rovers FC

The though behind Blackburn Rovers Football Club came from a gentleman named John Lewis who was born 1855 in Market Drayton. The gifts he brought to football began in his days as a player and later he came to be known as one of the best referees in the country, presiding over several FA Cup finals.

Soccer Practice Plans For Developing Youth Players

The soccer practice plans you run can make all the difference as to whether your players learn and improve, or fall behind their peers. Plan out effective practices, and give your players a chance to succeed!

World Cup Progress Report – Africa

There are six African nations participating in this summer’s World Cup, so it is an endorsement of the continent’s footballing strength that Egypt, a team who will not be present when the big one kicks off, won the recent Africa Cup of Nations. It was the Pharaohs’ third consecutive victory in that competition – a period of dominance that goes some way to compensate for their absence from the forthcoming World Cup that was painfully enforced by a bitter play-off defeat by rivals Algeria.

Choosing the Best Soccer Fitness Training Aids

There exist many reasons why the soccer fitness training aids are so very essential for any soccer player. The fitness of a player decides his capacity to last till the end of the match. The young players are just too impulsive while choosing the appropriate soccer training aids.

Buying the Right Soccer Equipment

Playing soccer is a great way to keep active. Playing soccer keeps you on your toes and helps you to work out your muscles and fat and keeps you in shape. It makes you use your limbs as well as your brains at the same time, as you have to follow and some times even build up a strategy on the spur of the moment. If your child likes to run around and play with a soccer ball, then half your problems are over. In any case all you really need for playing soccer is a ball. You could run down to any store and get your child a soccer ball to start with.

3 Drills For Improved Soccer Quickness

A very important quality for soccer players today is their ability to move their feet quickly. Situations where quickness comes in handy is definitely in 1-v-1 situations, both in offense and in defense. Your feet need to be able to move rapidly to make it possible for you to either dribble your opponent or try to win the ball, depending on the given situation.

How to Build a Soccer Conditioning Base

Coaches and trainers have preached long distance running as a way of improving an aerobic base for soccer players. Find out why this will make your players slower, weaker and less conditioned, and what to do instead.

The Spectacular Stadiums of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup matches will be played in stadiums all over South Africa, some of which are being specially built for the tournament. Here is an informational breakdown about the spectacular venues that will host some of the most exciting and talented soccer players from every corner of the globe in June and July of 2010.

A Brief History of the MLS

The MLS aka Major League Soccer debuted in the US in 1993, amid the run up to the USA hosting its first ever FIFA World Cup Competition in 1994. The first season did not officially kick off though until 1996, with ten teams participating.

Soccer – Can the Dream Be Harmful?

While growing up many of my friends wanted to be professional soccer players. They used to spend all their lunch and break times playing, talk about soccer at every moment, and play for weekend and weekday teams whether local or for the borough. They all wanted to be the next Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona or Ian Wright, hoping that one day they’d be playing top flight soccer. And I’ll tell you now honestly, none of my friends made it to this level. So is this dream worth having?

South African World Cup 2010 – Your Safety

Amongst all the world cup hype there lies a nagging doubt in many peoples mind: “is it safe to go to South Africa?” Unfortunately there is no other way to say it other than, it will not be safe if you not aware.

Training the Goalkeeper – The Way Forward

An article on a forward thinking approach to goalkeeper training. This article is thought provoking, controversial perhaps, but conveys well it’s priority… teaching the future generation of goalkeepers.

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