Day 5 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Barbados.

Soccer Endurance Drills

Below are a few helpful ways to keep your team in shape and ready for the big game. Pull on your socks and cleats and get out on the field!

Manchester City Could Be the Next Chelsea

The article is about Manchester City FC, a rising team in the English Premier League. The team’s massive investment and performance were just like what Chelsea FC did 4 or 5 years ago.

Barcelona is Not Unstoppable

The article is about Barcelona FC, one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Although it is a big club, it doesn’t mean that is a perfect team. In this article, I would like to tell my opinion on how to win a game against Barcelona.

Here’s a Yellow Card For Asking – How to Be a Soccer Referee

Being a referee is a little like being a parent, a cop and a judge at the same time. The flow of the game is decided by the referee. Make a good call and the fans in the stand will love you, make one that they do not agree with and they will hail curses on you that would make a sailor blush. You have to have physical stamina, a quick eye and the ability to recognize and defuse tense situations on the field.

Will an African Nation Win the World Cup?

One of the indisputable facts about the FIFA World Cup is that every tournament has either been won by either a team from the host nation’s continent, Brazil or Argentina. If you follow this logic, therefore, only Brazil or one of the six African nations will lift the trophy in Johannesburg on 11th July.

The Way Forward For Nigerian Football – Part 1

Recently Nigeria participated in the African Soccer Nations’ Cup Tournament in Angola and ended up maintaining it regular Bronze medal (third place) which she just won for the 7th time making her the highest winner of bronze medal in the history of the tournament. We actually got to the semi finals by miracle. I am sure anybody who knew Nigerian football far back in 1994 would agree with me on this, especially those who actually watched the matches in the just concluded tournament.

How to Select a Soccer Goal

Are you having a difficult time deciding what soccer goal is best for you? Before selecting a soccer goal it is important that you ask yourself the questions who, what where and how? The answers to these questions will help you understand the type of goal that is best suited for you and your needs.

A Guide to the Offside Rule

It is a lot less complicated than some people assume but it is responsible for many a long debate. Although the rule has been slightly altered numerous times over the past ten years the basic principle always applies.

Why Some Goalkeeper Gloves Cost More Than Others

The position of goalkeeper is one of the most important in a football team. They have the ability to win or lose their team and match in the blink of an eye.

How to Be a Great Football Goalkeeper

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and as a rest almost every child that is born plays football at some stage in their life. This is due to the excitement, the athleticism and also the sheer amount of money involved in the modern game.

Can Tottenham Hotspur Finally Qualify For the Champions League?

Will Spurs finally enter the elite of European football? Or will they suffer further heartbreak in a season that is seeing them come closer than ever to their dream?

A History of Goalkeeper Gloves and Some Advice on Buying a Pair

Goalkeepers gloves are a relatively recent innovation but now days it’s very unusual to see a goalkeeper without them. Ever since they were first invented goalkeeper gloves have been rapidly improving and now offer great protection to goalkeepers as well as improving their ability to prevent goals. This article discusses the reasons for wearing goalkeepers gloves as well as factors to consider if your purchasing a pair.

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