Day 4 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

World Cup 2010 – Love it Or Hate, Things Girls Need to Know to Keep Their Man Interested

World cup 2010 is finally upon us and soon the whole country will be going football crazy as the hopes and dreams of every England supporter will be in the balance. Every world cup the supporters follow their team through the thick and thin of it all but will this year finally be the repeat of 1966 for the England boys?

Soccer Coaching Drills – Who Else Wants to Enjoy Training?

Ever wondered what makes kids so enthusiastic about soccer coaching drills. They do not necessarily look at it like a game but a session full of excitement and energy. So it becomes a sort of challenge for a coach to make youth soccer drills so interesting that kids just cannot wait to get to the field.

Soccer Predictions

Everyone has a view on soccer predictions which is often based on the team that they support rather than statistics and form. This, unfortunately, means that many bets go by the wayside as the selections are often based on emotion and the inclination that their team is going to win this week just because they have that ‘feeling’. This is obviously music to the ears of the bookmakers and they will gladly let them bet on their ‘feelings’ all day long.

Barcelona Football Tickets – See One of the World’s Greatest Clubs For Yourself

FC Barcelona has supporters located around the world, making it one of the best-supported clubs. Added to that is Barcelona proving to be such a hit as a city break destination – it is therefore little wonder that so many visitors reserve Barcelona football tickets in advance.

Soccer Positions – How to Find the Right One?

Are you wondering which soccer position is right for you? Are you a coach who is looking for a set of rules to help you build a more effective team? While there are no hard and fast laws for choosing the right soccer position, each has a unique set of necessary qualities that can be used to find the right player.

How to Score More Soccer Goals

When it really comes down to it, winning games is the only way to keep team morale high, and making more goals is important to winning those games. How can you make sure your team scores more goals?

Should Gary Megson Have Been Sacked?

With the recent news that (former) Bolton Wanderers manager Gary Megson has just been sacked, I ask the question: ‘Was it right?’ It’s true that the Bolton fans clearly hated Megson from the start, but was their hate justified? The kind of football that he was trying to get Bolton to play was admirable, but he rarely achieved this and you always felt that he never really had the potential to achieve his goal.

Important Soccer Training Equipment

The right soccer training equipment will help you develop your skills to the highest level possible. Learn what to look for.

Common Soccer Positions

Are you a little perplexed by different soccer positions and the jargon you hear out on the field? Do you spend most of the game wondering exactly what every player is supposed to be doing?

7 Soccer Tips For Goalkeepers

You will also need to practice these tips and make them a part of your daily routine. The main aim of the goalkeeper is to save the goal. You should be ready at all times. Adapt the off season training tips in the matches that you play to become a great goalkeeper.

Football Spread Betting Made Simple – I’ll Show You How

Football Spread betting can be a volatile betting medium but also very profitable. The most important aspect to understand is that the more convincingly your bet wins the greater the winnings; this works the other way too, if you’re incorrect by a wide margin then your losses will be heavier. I will explain using an example for the England vs Ukraine total goals market.

Africa Cup of Nations 2010 – What Do We Expect?

The biennial Africa soccer cup of nations comes alive on 10 Jan. 2010 with great promises. It would be a showcase of most of the soccer talents from the African continent, ranging from those plying their trades in the English premiership, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian serie A, Brazilian league, Asian leagues, to those in the African leagues.

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