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Lionel Messi – Celebrating a Soccer Icon

Lionel Messi’s emergence as the world’s footballer of the year 2009 was no surprise to so many soccer enthusiasts who have followed the progress of this young soccer icon. This young man came into the limelight during the World Youth Championship (FIFA-20) in the Netherlands in 2005 where he dazzled the world with his dribbling and scoring skills; he eventually emerged the most valuable player of the championship.

Barclays English Premier League – World’s Most Popular and Prestigious League

The Barclays English premier league is arguably the most televised, most glamorous, most popular and the richest league in the world right now, with at least four of the teams – Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC ranked among the top 20 richest club sides in the world, and the league televised in several countries of the world. The television rights on the league is in millions of pound sterling and the prize money for the league winners is the best any country can offer anywhere in the world. The English premier league has metamorphosed from…

Soccer Predictions – How Can You Beat the Bookies?

While the bookies constantly improve their soccer prediction methods and try to avoid paying out, we can still find holes in their predictions. The question is how. There is no one million-dollar answer. Nevertheless, there are two ways that will allow you to beat the bookies. One way is to analyze non-measurable match information. Another way is to improve on statistical prediction models used by bookmakers.

4 Beginning Soccer Skills You Can Master

What are the most important soccer training skills? Well this all depends on how skilled you are but you need to keep in mind that there is always something you can improve in your game.

3 Beginning Soccer Skills

Although it may seem to a beginning player that soccer requires a wide and diverse range of abilities, all you really need for a superior game is three basic soccer skills. However, mastering these skills requires intense and regular soccer training, both alone and with a team. Here are the three primary skills required by soccer and easy ways to perfect them in your own backyard.

Who Should Liverpool FC Buy in the January Transfer Window?

Note that this article is about who we can realistically buy, not who I want us to buy in fantasy land. Liverpool Football Club have been strongly linked with Turkish whiz-kid Arda Turan recently, and I see this as an ideal move. Reportedly Arda (Turkish players are commonly known by their first name rather than their surname) would be available for around £10m, and we could easily raise that amount of cash with the sale of Andriy Voronin, Ryan Babel and Andrea Dossena. The Turk often plays on the right wing but has been known to play in central midfield before, making him a highly versatile player (the kind that Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez likes).

Outdoor Winter Soccer Fitness – How to Prepare For the Cold

Winter is a great time to maintain an “aerobic” base in the off season for you the soccer player. This will compliment off season base strength training programs. It will allow you to maintain fitness levels, prevent injury and build up of body fat.

2-3 Goal Difference Per Game – Penalty Kicks

These penalty kick tips will not only result in a player scoring more penalty kicks but will make your youth goalie save nearly all kicks. Who doesn’t like those odds? The other team, that’s who!

Will the English Clubs Miss Their African Stars?

The Africa Cup Of Nations starts during January in Angola and a number of stars will be leaving their English clubs in order to represent their countries in the forthcoming tournament. Chelsea will surely be missing their African stars as well as a number of other high flight English teams. The players will be away for almost a month and will surely impact on the EPL and the FA Cup.

Soccer is a Great Sport For Children

Every child should grow up physically active. Not only does such activity promote good health, but it leaves our kids happier for it. Exercise releases endorphins, and the presence of them is integral in the well being of any child.

How to Choose the Best Football Academies Internationally

So you’re ready to begin your international sports adventure, and eager take your game to a completely new level. But which football academy is right for you? Where can you find the best mix of training and exposure?

World Cup Soccer Tickets

Are you too planning a sports vacation to Africa to watch the Soccer World Cup? Take need, almost every soccer fan worldwide is doing exactly the same. The popularity of the game and the rush for tickets cannot be expressed in words.

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