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St Jakob Park Basel Euro 2008

196 days until the first whistle of European Championships 2008 is blown. But ’til we’ll get to eat some Swiss emmental or Austrian sausages watching these unforgettable matches, there are lots of things to be done, concerning the last qualifying stages for the final tournament and its self organization.

Tribute to Unsung Heroes

In football, the strikers take most of the glory and nowadays because a lot of people have become more involved with the game, more players in different positions are grabbing headlines like the goalkeeper, center back, and attacking midfielders. In some cases the defensive midfielders are in the headlines. But there are still some players that have performed extremely well for some teams but do not get as much credit as they perhaps deserve.

Tom Hicks Destroying The ‘Liverpool Way’

“Liverpool is a fantastic club with a remarkable history and a passionate fan base,” Gillett and Hicks said in a statement. “We fully acknowledge and appreciate the unique heritage and rich history of Liverpool and intend to respect this heritage in the future.” Respect our heritage?

Chelsea 2 – Manchester United 1

Sir Alex Ferguson pulled a huge surprise by leaving out some of his big guns, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo as he looks forward to the Barcelona game instead of taking it 1 game at a time. Unless he knows something the rest of us do not know, if he loses this game there is no guarantee that they would win their last 2 games as you never know what is going to happen. In all honesty given the 2 situations of both these sides, I would have thought that Avram Grant would be the 1 to rest players as Chelsea’s bigger chance seems to be in the Champions league, but credit to him for still believing that his side can do it.

International Soccer Camps – Building Intercultural Competence for the Next Generation

What better way to ensure your kids are ready for the “real world” than to make sure they know how to navigate a variety of different cultures? And what better way to introduce them to the concept by using a sport they already know and love: soccer?

Soccer Practice Planning Recommendations for Coaching Success

Training a team correctly involves planning practices that are both fun and informative for players. If players are not entertained, they are not likely to pay attention, which will obviously make it very difficult for them to learn. However, the drills must involve a skill element in order for players to improve their game, which are repetitious, and can be boring. The objective is finding the right mix for your team, which is dependent on the age group, competitiveness and other important factors.

Kicking Your Soccer Ball

Want to learn how to kick a soccer ball like the pros? There’s more to it than having a strong leg.

The Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer

Thanks to the thousands of volunteering youth soccer coaches, children across the United States are enjoying the popular and fun sport of soccer. Without these volunteers, a number of children are deprived of the organized form of this sport. These volunteers are the base of this sport in many areas of the United States as they provide education and guidance for youths on soccer.

The Emergence of Soccer

The game of soccer has progressed tremendously since the mid 1800’s from a game for the aristocrats to the most commonly played games in the world. One can say that it’s so popular that it has become the world’s favorite sport.

Soccer Equipment

There are numerous reasons why Soccer became such a popular sport all across the world, but the most obvious reasons could be the simple fact that this fun-filled sport does not require any costly equipment to play. Soccer is simply a lot of fun for a very low cost.

Barcelona 0 – Manchester United 0

For a match billed the match of the tournament, it has been a pretty boring 1st half with Barcelona having the lion’s share of possession but doing absolutely nothing with it. It could have been so much different though because United were awarded a penalty after 90 seconds when Gabriel Milito was ruled to have handled from a corner kick. It seemed harsh but it is looking for trouble when you raise your hands in the penalty box. Cristiano Ronaldo though who is cool under pressure except in big matches where he chokes, did so yet again as he sent the ball wide of the post.

England World Cup 2010 Qualification

I know the Euro 2008 finals tournament hasn’t even started yet and unfortunately England will not be there as we failed along with all other home nations to qualify. But at least we have the World Cup 2010 qualifiers to look forward too with the hope that England can qualify from their group and go forward to South Africa. In recent years it has been a turgid affair following England.

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