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Captain of the US National Soccer Team – Carlos Bocanegra

A 31-year-old who grew up in California, Carlos Bocanegra has been captain of the US team since 2008. Read on to learn more about the left back and his accolades as an American soccer player.

USA Versus Slovenia – A Recap

Do you know the outcome of USA vs. Slovenia? Then I’m sure you know about the bluff call made by the referee, the call that botched the greatest comeback in World Cup history. Learn what you didn’t know about the exciting match.

5 Reasons Why France Failed at South Africa 2010

The 1998 world cup champions France failed woefully in their campaign at South Africa 2010; in a fashion similar to their lackluster performance of 2002 in Korea/Japan, where they lost to first timers Senegal. Everyone had expected them to be outstanding in a group that consisted of Uruguay, Mexico and host South Africa; especially considering the caliber of players they took to the world cup. Unfortunately, it turned out to be their worst campaign ever, losing two matches and drawing only one.

World Cup – The Passion, the Pride

The World Cup is a mammoth event that takes the world over every 4 years, and imparts passion and pride in each of the nations that take part in the event. This time the 2010 World Cup is taking place in South Africa, the first time an African nation have ever had the honour of presenting the most watched sporting event in the world.

Faking Injury to Win Games

Here we are, well into the World cup 2010 soccer series coming to us from South Africa and I must say that I am very delighted that the sport has been drawing additional fans these days. Many new fans have their eyes tuned to the television as they watch not only their home country team but other nations as well. I for one think this is simply great.

Five Things That Happen at World Cups

The World Cup, the biggest party in town – or as South Africa are the hosts in 2010, Cape Town. But no matter which far-flung corner of the globe the 32 teams and their entourages hail from there are near certainties that arise every four years whether through fault or by design – here we take a look at just five of them.

France & Italy – You Are the Weakest Links, Goodbye

Zidane was in his final appearance for Le Bleus and was the best player on the field despite being on the verge of retirement. Since then the French international team have never recovered from a loss of a legend, he was the glue that held the rest of the team together and had been for a decade previous.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Spain Vs Chile Preview

World Cup favourites Spain are desperate to qualify for the round of 16. Their match against Chile on Friday is a must-win. Chile must also be wary of losing to Spain, despite two wins in their two previous matches. Theoretically at least, Switzerland could qualify on goal difference ahead of Chile, by beating Honduras by a big margin in the other group H match on Friday.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Switzerland Vs Honduras Preview

Switzerland and Honduras are scheduled to meet in a group H clash on Friday that will decide along with the Spain Vs Chile game on the same day which two teams will go through to the knock out round of the World Cup. Switzerland beat Spain and lost to Chile. Honduras lost to both Spain and Chile. Honduras can still hope to qualify on goal difference, if they win Friday’s match against Switzerland by a sufficient margin, provided Chile beat Spain. For Switzerland to be certain of qualification, they must win.

Adidas F50 Soccer Shoes

The Adidas F50 soccer shoes are some of the most popular soccer footware ever made. There are many different variations on the F50 shoe, but they all have some similarities: each is lightweight, durable, and has interchangeable soles for long wear.

World Cup Knock Out Rounds Betting Tips and Advice

The 2010 South Africa World Cup has thrown up a few shock results. The clash in styles of play in international football normally leads to exciting match ups and also some dire stalemates. However after the completion of the group stages the outcome of the games can usually be more predictable, due to a number of factors, concentration levels are higher, players are more in tune, but also the so called lesser quality teams are no longer underestimated.

FIFA World Cup 2010 – Portugal Vs Brazil Preview

The group G match to be played between Brazil and Portugal is arguably the best clash of the group stage, of this World Cup. The last time these teams met in a World Cup, Portugal prevailed, 3-1.

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