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A South African’s Feelings on the FIFA 2010 World Cup

I watched Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu on national TV, crying as he expressed his intense disappointment at how the ANC has turned away from their moral values. He, went on to express how horrified and shocked he was that Trevor Manuel (SA’s well liked finance minister)had insulted the Dalai Lama by asking “Who, exactly is the Dalai Lama?”. This act has spoiled the positive spirit of SA holding the FIFA 2010 World Cup here. It has left me feeling ashamed of the SA government lead by the ANC. It also makes me scared about what the future holds in SA, as I wonder who is actually controlling the SA government? Clearly it is communist China…

How to Choose the Right Soccer Ball

One of the best things about soccer is that you need very little equipment to get started. But it’s a bit hard to play soccer without a ball! So if your child is keen to play soccer, you will need to buy a soccer ball. Faced with a whole range of possibilities, it’s not easy to know which ball is the right one for your child. So let’s take a look at how to choose the right soccer ball.

History of the Manchester United Shirt

Manchester United is one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world but do you know it’s history and the history of the famous red shirt? Did you know that Manchester United used to be a club for Yorkshire railway workers? Or that the first shirt was not red? Why are they called the Red Devils? This article answers these questions and more, giving a fascinating insight into the biggest club in the world.

Using Small Sided Soccer Games in Practice

As you learn more about how to coach soccer, you begin to understand that there is much more to coaching than just teaching specific skills. In order to win at soccer you need to prepare your players how to perform in game situations. Small sided games are a great way to get your team ready to win at soccer.

History of the FIFA Confederations Cup

With the FIFA Confederations Cup only a short seventy five days away, it is interesting to look at how the tournament has evolved in recent years. This is an Association Football tournament which is held every four years, eligible contestants being the winners of each of the six FIFA confederation championships: CAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA, AFC, OFC and CONCAFCAF. To bring the number of countries competing up to eight, the FIFA World Cup winner and the host country are included.

The Life of David Beckham – His Road to Fame and Wealth

Beckham was born in London, England on 2 May 1975. His father is an exceptional Manchester United fan and no doubt encouraged him to play soccer since young. At the tender age of 11, he won an important youth soccer event, and attracted the attention of Manchester United scouts.

Who Should FC Barcelona Play in Their Left Midfield Slot

FC Barcelona will be going into a tough schedule when the players return from their respective national teams and the toughest decision for Guardiola in the upcoming matches will be who to play in midfield together with Yaya and Xavi, and in the attack next to Messi and Eto’o. Who to play in these positions gives the coaching staff great possibilities with which to vary the play.

Coaching Soccer Players to Take Shots on Goal

Nothing is more frustrating for a coach than to see your team get the ball into the offensive third of the field and come away without even seeing a shot on goal. If you want to win games you have to score, and that means your team has to take quality shots. If you can learn how to coach your soccer team to score, you will see success.

England Expects a Decent Strikeforce

Looking at our squad to face Slovakia and then the Ukraine, our weakness is our strikeforce. Carlton Cole? Really? Heskey is an able foil, Crouch an impact sub… and Rooney is yet to find his best position or arguably form for his country. That is a severe paucity of options. Where are the world class English forwards? They are not abroad; are they being overlooked in the Premiership? Let’s have a look at the top scoring Englishmen…

Liverpool Complete League Doubles Over Chelsea to Remain in Title Race

Spanish striker Fernando Torres scored twice in the dying minutes against Chelsea at Anfield yesterday to help revive Liverpool’s slim chance of claiming the Premier League title. The 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Sunday, in the game of the weekend, cut Manchester United’s lead to two points, although Utd do have the security of a game in hand. We would have to say that the lead is really 5 points, unless something slightly unexpected happens.

FC Barcelona Pictures and News

Experience the glorious past and the vibrant present of FC Barcelona through pictures and news readily available online. Apart from the official club website, exciting and breathtaking FC Barcelona pictures are in abundance in several blogs, news sites, and websites dedicated to the club. Check out the latest FC Barcelona news in the top news sites in the world as well as in the official and other unofficial websites.

How to Coach Soccer Using Different Formations

Learning how to coach different soccer formations can mean the difference between victory and defeat. As you learn the different formations, you will know not only how to use them, but also what to do when a coach uses one against your team.

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