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How To Become A Professional Soccer Player

Do you want to play like Pele? Learn the tricks of the trade and secrets that will have you scoring goals in no time.

2006 Soccer World Cup – Betting on Props

Prop betting is short for “proposition” betting, and it is exactly that – you bet on the outcome of a proposition. Or, seen another way, someone makes you a proposition and you place a bet on whether or not you agree with it.

World Cup Creates Gripes, but Fans Set for Victory

World Cup organisation causes complaints from fans but rejoicing from advertisers and pub trade …

World Cup 2006 Preview – Ghana

After winning four African Cup of Nations titles and producing players of the calibre of Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah, the Black Stars have qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time in 10 attempts, stretching back to 1962.

World Cup 2006 Preview – USA

The USA have a lot to live up to after reaching the quarter finals four years ago but being placed in the “Group of Death” could see their campaign in Germany fall much shorter.

World Cup 2006 Preview – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may be ranked by FIFA as the second best team in the world behind Brazil and the best in Europe but they made hard work of qualifying for the finals.

World Cup 2006 Preview – Italy

Italy are the grand masters of heart-breaking tragedy when it comes to major finals. In all three World Cups held in the 1990s, the Italians bowed out on penalties, including Roberto Baggio’s infamous miss against Brazil in the 1994 final.

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Soccer

Did you know except for motor cross that the sport of soccer uses the most amount of muscles when playing? That is an interesting fact isn’t it? We all want our kids to stay thin and not grow wide like many of our closest friends. Playing soccer keeps kids thin and it also helps them develop teamwork

British Masters Goes Back to Belfry

As the British Masters is set to start on Thursday May 18th, it may not be known to many that the playing field has now shuffled. The Forest of Arden has lost its grip on the British Masters, and has now fallen into the capable hands of the Belfry.

Soccer and Yoga Make a Great Team

Want to improve your soccer game? Why not incorporate yoga into your practices? Yoga and soccer go hand in hand.

A Guide to Soccer Shorts

This guide to soccer shorts will convince you to wear proper soccer shorts while out on the field! Find out the benefits of proper soccer shorts as well as which ones are right for you.

All About Goalie Gloves

Read this article and find out whether or not you should buy goalie gloves and which goalie gloves you should buy. Learn more about why a goalkeeper should wear gloves.

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