The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann – From Youth Player To Star Coach

Champions League Semi Final Liverpool, 1 Chelsea, 1

There is a saying that goes something like this “he has a face that only a mother could love” and this tie between these 2 teams would only be a game that only Liverpool and Chelsea fans would love. In the 1st half there were very few chances and not a lot of good football from 2 sides that are very negative in their make up. Chelsea in truth were slightly the better side in the 1st half with Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard being impressive.

The History and Tradition of the Glasgow Celtics

Formed in 1888, the Glasgow Celtics are members of the Scottish Premier League and play at Scotland’s highest level of soccer competition. Now known simply at The Celtic Football Club, up until the year 1994 the team was officially referred to as The Celtic Football and Athletic Company.

Football Training – First Touch

Detailed explanation on what a first touch should entail. How to train to improve your first touch. Show what world class players do with their first touch.

Football Weight Training

A detailed analysis on how, when and what muscles to train for soccer player peak performance, a step by step guide for the every day athlete. This article can significantly increase your soccer training capacity.

A Tale Of 2 Football Cities

It is quite incredible that 2 great football clubs in 2 great cities are in deep trouble and the very threat of relegation is staring them right in their faces. Paris and Valencia are 2 cities with famous clubs that are in big trouble as Paris St. Germain and Valencia are in deep mire. Valencia are just 2 points above the relegation zone after they were thrashed 5-1 at Atletico Bilbao; while PSG are 3 points away from safety with their president resigning after seeing his side lose 3-0 to Caen over the weekend.

Two All Time Greats That Should Go To Euro 2008

Italy and Spain would be looking to do very well at the upcoming competition and maybe even win it. But it seems likely that they would be doing do without 2 players that have so much in common. For Italy Alessandro Del Piero at 33 is having an excellent season with 17 goals to his name in SerieA, making him the 3rd highest goal scorer so far this season but he had a fall out with the national team manager, Roberto Donadoni over which position he prefers to play for his country and that is as a second forward and not as right sided midfielder.

Opinions and Gossip

It is always interesting to read about other people’s opinions about the game of football. You have those that say things that you totally agree with and then some that you may not agree with but understand where their point of view and then there are those opinions that make you scratch your head in astonishment.

Footballers as Superheroes

Most football fans like to see their heroes as superheroes so it would be interesting to see what roles some of the footballers would play if they were cast. Barcelona could have their own brand of fantastic 4 with Samuel Etoo playing the role of Mr. Fantastic as he likes to act like the leader of the group.

The History and Tradition of the Glasgow Rangers

One of the most popular soccer teams in Scotland is the Glasgow Rangers. The Rangers are a team deep in history and tradition.

Athletic Skills – The Groundwork For Athletic Success

Kids don’t have the fundamental skills for soccer. They don’t have the strength or endurance. Too much sitting time, and lack of outdoor play time means our kids need help with their fitness. This article will show you simple things you can do to help.

Spring Soccer Training

It is finally warming up and we are ready to get out and play. The big game that I am looking forward to this Spring is soccer. Soccer is not a very popular sport in the United States, however, its popularity is rapidly increasing.

How Do You Define The Best League In The World

The lovers of premiership football especially TV pundits of SKY, ITV and BBC have been salivating themselves telling those that care to listen that they have the best league in the world. Their evidence is that the world should look at the latter stages of the champions league for the past 2 seasons and it conclusively shows that the Premiership has the premier league in European football.

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