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How to Play Soccer – Soccer Rules

Understanding the rules of soccer is vital when learning how to play soccer. Knowing what you can and can’t do, understanding the offside law, when is a penalty given etc. Here we discuss the rules of soccer in easy to understand terms.

How to Play Soccer – Soccer Fitness

Soccer Fitness and why it’s important. Many games are won and lost in the dying minutes of the game, and the team that is the fittest will have a great advantage over their opposition. Learn about Soccer fitness here.

How to Play Soccer – Tactics

You’ve got your soccer team, you’ve got your soccer formation: now it’s time to talk soccer tactics. Tactics in soccer is a term sometimes used interchangeably with formation on the soccer field, but for this article we’ll take it to mean aspects of play put into action by the players on the pitch who already have a football formation to adhere to.

How to Play Soccer – Soccer Formations

To the uninitiated, soccer formations might sound complicated. But with the help of a few practical examples, you can learn about the 4-4-2 formation right up to the more obscure ones at the other end of the scale.

Chelsea Will Beat Barcelona – Champions League Semi Final 2009

The much awaited tussle between Chelsea and Barcelona football clubs is here and the first leg of the two leg semifinal will commence in the evening in Barcelona. It is deemed as the match up of the season with teams with different abilities trying to out do each other. In many ways it will be a contest between the fast paced physical approach of English premier league and technically superior one touch football of Barcelona.

Who Invented the Soccer Ball?

Want to know who invented the soccer ball and how its design has changed over time? Well here goes…

Passion For the Beautiful Game of Football

How can this passion, excitement, dedication and emotion and for the beautiful game be explained? The United Kingdom is gripped by football fever.

The Pride of Leeds – Leeds United

The city of Leeds has a long and proud sporting history and non more so than the cities top football club Leeds United. The club is one of the most fascinating in English football and its life has often mirrored that of a soap opera rather than a football club.

The World’s Other Football on Satellite TV

Ever seen a bunch of guys wandering the streets in the early morning hours, looking alert and wearing soccer jerseys? It may seem like a cult, but let’s not forget how big the world is, and how popular soccer (they call it football) really is. Maybe you’ve caught the bug yourself in a recent World Cup, watching the hopes of two nations pitted against each other in a winner-take-all duel. If you think we take our own sports seriously, check out the world’s main event, on tap every four years for global bragging rights. The passion will exceed any modest fan’s expectations.

Rehabilitating Professional Soccer Players Post Spinal Surgery

I have been a Sports Chiropractor to numerous premiership clubs over the years and I am often parachuted in to help resolve a dramatic incident of some sort: I presume I am a trouble-shooter when all else has failed. One such event is post spinal surgery! I know it sounds amazing but professional athletes having spinal surgery is a common occurrence even in this day and age of advanced Pilates protocols, gym ball work outs, heated yoga sessions and Bosu ball functional ballistic movement programmes.

London – The Capital of Football

For sports fans visiting or living in London, there is one sport which stands head and shoulders above all others in the nation’s capital, and that’s football. London has 13 professional football teams at present, with 5 of those teams competing at the top level in the English Premier League. Of these top flight teams, Arsenal and Chelsea hold the most prestige in terms of recent honours, but on their day Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham and Fulham are all capable of troubling even the best at their respective home grounds.

Controlling the First Touch

Success in soccer means controlling the ball. If you can control the ball you give your own team the opportunity score, while limiting your opponents chances. Having a good first touch on the ball will give your team the ability to keep the ball under control.

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