Steve McClaren Football Coaching Point – Maintain the Tempo

Online Soccer Games

Online soccer games are a great source of entertainment especially for the young soccer enthusiasts. These downloadable games significantly contribute to the increasing popularity of the sport.

Nike Soccer Cleats

Nike has become a leading producer of high quality soccer cleats. Nike soccer cleats as well as the other Nike equipment are being used in the various major and minor soccer tournaments worldwide.

Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer is the highest form of soccer game in a country. It is the source of inspiration and entertainment of the young football enthusiasts and fans.

Hot Soccer Mom

Hot soccer moms love the contact sport. They watch breathtaking soccer matches with their children. These moms are a great feature to the popularity of football.

Chelsea Soccer

Chelsea soccer has been a great part of countless football fans in Europe. This is mainly because of the Chelsea Football Club which has been a key team in the European Tournaments. This football team is based on West London and was established more than a hundred years ago. It has had its years of success and remains a top contender in the Premier League.

Soccer Coaches Look Out, You’re Running Your Players Into the Ground

Don’t run your players into the ground. There are other ways to organize sessions that will reap benefits long term. Never underestimate the benefits of using the ball in all your soccer training drills.

Soccer Portugal – Famous Players in 2008

For the soccer Portugal fans here is what you need to know on who’s the famous players in 2008. Get to know their achievements and when did they started their professional career.

Lessons From a Soccer Mom

As a mother of a young, energetic five-year-old son, I found myself looking for something he could do to use up his energetic enthusiasm. Like most parents I turned to sports to see if that might be a good match for my son.

Soccer Drills – Great Soccer Drills For Developing Young Midfielders

In developing soccer drills for young midfielders there are a number of things that you should take into consideration. The first and most obvious, yet often overlooked is how the drills relate to the skills that you are trying to develop in your young players. The second consideration is what are the important elements of a good soccer drill, and finally what are the skills that you are trying to develop?

Soccer Drills – Organising Your Midfield is the Key to Winning More Soccer Games

In my years coaching young soccer players, I have found that there are two keys to being successful on the park. The first of these is the amount of possession your team enjoys and the second of these is field position. And the most important element of the team that I have found for these two factors is how strong my team is across the middle of the park. I have coached teams that have had strong defenders and a weak midfield, and no matter how strong the defenders they are usually overwhelmed by the opposition.

The Greatest Players of the World Cup

The World Cup is the stage for the greatest football players in the world, but over the years, who have been it’s stars and who gets your vote for the greatest World Cup Player ever? For me there are only four players who I would include on a shortlist of the World Cups greatest players. Starting at the back my choice would be the incomparable Gordon Banks of England and if you remember the save he made from Pele in the game between England and Brazil in the World Cup of 1970, you’ll understand why I’m nominating Gordon.

Soccer Referee

Discover the world of soccer referee’s, read the inside story. If you’re a beginning referee you’ll find a lot of clarity, but also for veteran referee’s this article if refreshing. However for anyone interested in becoming a soccer referee this is a must read article.

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