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Best Soccer Shoes – How to Pick the Right Pair For Your Game

If you or your kid has an interest in playing for a local team then you will need to get your hands on the right kit. The most essential purchase would be to choose the best soccer shoes; these will help to improve performance considerably.

Equipment – Indoor V Outdoor Soccer

Indoor and Outdoor soccer have the same general parameters, but the sports are quite different. Read on to find out what equipment you will need to play on each type of team.

Soccer Positions – Who Does What on the Field

Wings, forwards, sweepers…keeping track of the positions on a soccer team can be difficult work. Here’s a quick guide to who does what on the soccer field, broken down into 4 categories: the Goalkeeper, the Defenders, the Mid-fielders, and Offense, also called Forwards.

Coaching Certification Resources

I am a certified soccer coach. What exactly does that mean? Well when I decided that I wanted to start coaching youth soccer I had no idea that there were organizations that actually teach and certify soccer coaches. The two organizations that are recognized as official certifying bodies are NSCAA and USSOCCER.

The Truth About Kids Soccer Drills

It’s not wrong that in kids soccer drills, coaches are very much responsible for the downfall of the players as a team because of some errors. Yes, that’s correct. A good number of you might be wondering what on earth could be so big to get the team on a losing track. Then let me tell you, there can be numerous causes.

7 Skills Needed to Be a College Soccer Coach

In order to be a coach there are a lot of skills needed. For example you need to have good communication skills so you can talk to your team and not be shy about it. These seven skills I’m about to share with you will help you decide if you have what it takes to be a coach.

Shot Techniques in Football

When participating in football shooting is a key point to the game and needs to be mastered in order to score critical goals. In this article you will find out various shooting techniques.

A Football Souvenir For the World Cup – What Are Tomorrow’s Antiques?

Remember 1966? You might not. Perhaps you’ve seen the grainy footage of Geoff Hurst banging in the fourth goal in the Cup final against Germany and the commentator saying ‘They Think It’s All Over, it is now’.

Manchester United Football Club Facts

Manchester United Football Club is an English football club which plays at Old Trafford located in Greater Manchester. They currently play in the top division in football being the Premier League.

The New World Cup Soccer Ball Jabulani

To be selected as the ball for the World Cup, it must truly be the best. For the competition this year was selected the new Official Match ball World cup! The creation of balls from Adidas has started far back in 1963 and is currently leading in their production.

World Cup Adidas Ball – Review

The World Cup is a wonderful experience for a lot of people! Millions of eyes are focused on television and thousands watching it live on football stadium. However, this may not be possible without the World cup Adidas ball!

Athletico Madrid Ends Barcelona’s Unbeaten Runs

I was completely speechless as I watched Atletico Madrid post 2 great goals into the yawning net of Barcelona FC to end their unbeaten runs in this current league season. Barca had gone unbeaten in 22 matches in this current campaign, but all that came to an end yesterday courtesy of fantastic, artistic soccer display and determination of the Madrid players.

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