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Pros and Cons of Playing Select Soccer (U-13 and U-14)

After the “academy” or developmental level of competitive soccer, comes traditional “club” or “select” soccer for age groups U-13 and U14. Teams are now segregated according to skill levels (such as “Athena B” or “Classic 2”.) A new set of opportunities as well as challenging family decisions accompanies this level of soccer.

The Single Best Core Strength Training Exercise For Soccer!

Are you a soccer player looking for a core strength training workout to drastically improve your playing ability? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and apply the following single exercise that I have included below to drastically improve your core muscle strength and enhance your game!

Red Knights Entering a Battle They Can’t Win

Their chief weapons may be surprise, surprise and fear, but Manchester United’s Red Knights are facing a tough challenge in ousting the Glazer family from their Old Trafford hot seats. Similarly at Liverpool, where Tom Hicks and George Gillett have frequently subjected manager Rafael Benitez to a Spanish Inquisition, a takeover by supporters remains a distant possibility. These two great rivals might not like to admit it, but they have a lot in common at the moment.

The German National Team and the 2010 World Cup

Germany has always been a side to be contended with in FIFA World Cup play and the current side is no exception. Since they first competed in 1934, Germany has won the Cup three times, second only to Italy (4 times) and Brazil (5). On their way to Johannesburg, they maintained an 8-1 record, securing their place on the 17th October, 2009.

Soccer Team Fundraisers

A good soccer fundraiser starts with the right goals in mind. It is important to identify if your team is looking to earn money quickly, has leisure time, wants a fundraiser that engages the whole team and community or is just in dire need for funds. Here are a few ideas…

Football Basics

Football or soccer is a team sport being played between two opposing teams consisting of eleven players each. These players use a spherical ball. This sport is popularly played worldwide. This sport is played on an artificial turf field with a goal in the center of each short ends. The challenge of the game is to be able to score by driving the ball into the opponent’s goal center.

Bottom Half of the EPL is Currently a League of Its Own

As the teams at the bottom of the Barclays Premier League continue to take points off each other, looking at the table you might be tempted to think that they are in a league of their own. It has often been commented upon by pundits and analysts of the game that the Premier League can be sub-divided into three separate mini-divisions.

Pros and Cons of Playing Select Soccer (U-10 Through U-12)

There are pros and cons in enrolling your preteen child into select youth soccer programs. The commitment is heavier than at Rec soccer levels – but are the rewards worth it?

Owen’s Moment As a Red Devil

Manchester United striker Michael Owen is going to have to miss the rest of the season due to the hamstring injury he picked up during League Cup final win over Aston Villa. This surely serves as a big blow for Owen. Any small hope he might have had of appearing in England’s squad for the World Cup final in South Africa this summer is now is all but over.

Football History – The Beginnings of the England Football Team

England’s first International football match was against their fierce rivals Scotland, on 5th March 1870. This event made both countries the oldest national football teams in world football.

How to Predict the Result – Games of the World Cup 2010?

Do you want to know which are the teams that are most likely to play the World Cup semifinal, final or be the champion? Using the Gaussian mathematical model, it can know easily.

Diego Maradona and Argentina – World Cup 2010

When most people think of Argentina and their FIFA World Cup achievements the first name that comes to mind is the immortal Diego Maradona and his glittering, if often controversial performances on the world soccer stage in the eighties. That dazzling run ended in 1994 when he was sent home from the USA in disgrace after failing a drug test during the group phase.

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