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How to Become the Best Soccer Player

If you want to become a best soccer player, than it’s not going to be enough for you just to go on regular soccer team practice, you will have to practice individually. Because, all world greatest soccer players spend many hours practicing their individual soccer skills. However, it is not enough just to practice hard, you should do it wisely. Here are a few tips on how to improve your individual soccer skills.

Don’ts For Football Club Owners

Ever wish that you were the owner of a football club? Ever think that one day in the unpredictable future that you would be the owner of a football club? It sure would good to be the owner a club like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona or even Inter Milan.

What’s Next For the American Fans?

If you are like myself and many other Americans, you were recently introduced to the sport of Hockey. After the Gold Medal Win on Sunday, I had just concluded the 2nd hockey game I had ever seen. The first, far less monumental, was the game at Wrigley Field a few years back.

The Advantages of Coerver Soccer Coaching

This article discusses some of the advantages of using the Coerver soccer coaching method over other regular soccer drills. New soccer coaches tend to have youngsters stand in line waiting for their turn – it’s time to change that and Coerver can help.

Former Nations of the World – Soccer Facts!

During the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada, East Germany – also known as the German Democratic Republic until 1989 – won the Olympic trophy, at the expense of Poland (silver) and the Soviet Union (bronze). It became the fifth Marxist nation to win the gold medal. Four years on…

The Dangers of Picking the Wrong Finger Protection Goalkeeper Gloves

What are the best finger protection goalkeeper gloves to buy? And what are the dangers of getting the wrong pair?

Americas – Soccer Facts!

The States hosted the FIFA World Cup in June 1994. This was the third time the global tournament had taken place in North America (the universal event was held in the United Mexican States in the 1970s and 1980s). At the 1994 World Championship, the national team of America beat Colombia (one of the heavy-favorites) 2-1. Four years later…

Brutality in the English Game – Why England May Never Win a Major Tournament

Once again, the darkside of English football was exposed over the weekend when one of the brightest prospect of the game, Aaron Ramsay suffered a career threatening injury when Arsenal met Stoke City in a Premier league game. Aaron broke his leg due to a reckless, over-zealous and brutal tackle by Stoke City’s defender Ryan Shawcross.

Stanno Football Kits – Different Team Lines For Varying Needs

Stanno is a famous brand in the world of football. If you are in a football team, you will certainly be interested to know about the company’s team lines for Stanno football kits.

Seven Steps on How to Double Scissors

In soccer there are many moves that can be very effective on getting by a defender but from previous experiences there is one move that is more effective than others. The double scissors is a move that makes many defenders trip over their own feet allowing you to easily get past them. Here are seven simple steps on how to do the double scissors.

An Uneasy Relationship – England Vs The Rest of The World

England, its football fans and its press have long had an uneasy relationship with the rest of the football world, especially when organisations such as FIFA and UEFA are involved. Following the spat surrounding preparations for the England team’s training complex, the tension between England and the rest of the world seems set to continue for some time yet.

Steven Gerrard – The Working Class Hero

Born and brought up in a middle class family in the Whiston area of Merseyside, Steven Gerrard has gone on to become one of England’s finest football players. When Gerrard was nine, he lost his cousin Jon-Paul Gilhooley in the Hillsborough disaster.

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