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Tough Task For Man United

Winning the Premier League should prove a much tougher task for Manchester United than it seems. Sure they are a fighter and would not throw in the towel until the bell ring but it would not be a smooth ride for them to retain their crown. The additional offender groans.

Is it Safe For Kids to Play Soccer?

Children want to play soccer, but is it safe? You must ask yourself a few questions. Safer than what? Safer than not having physical activity in their life? Safer than them falling off of their bike? Safer than them tripping over their shoe lace falling on their way to school?

Tips on Soccer Practice

Here’s a really simple way to explain soccer practice; there is no set rule. You can experiment, create your own drills and games, innovate, and so on. It is also a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open to look for ready made practices and modify them for your own use. Here are some of the tips that can help you conduct a productive soccer training schedule.

7 Tips For Great Soccer Goalkeeping

The soccer goalkeeping position is one of the most physically and mentally demanding positions on the soccer team. The player in that position is the last line of defense, and the first line of attack. When you begin to learn to coach youth soccer, and to get to learn more about the different positions, don’t forget to spend time developing players for this position.

The Changing Face of English Football

Television gives a distorted view of English Soccer. To many supporters of lower league clubs there is no glamour, no luxury, no huge crowds. And the gap is widening. This article gives a flavour of how change has affected one small town team, Rotherham United and its supporters.

How Long Can ‘English’ Football Survive?

The latter part of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first saw dramatic changes in English Football. Historically and for very many years, all games kicked off at 3.00pm on Saturday afternoons.

World Cup Trivia

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be a ball! Each year, the best soccer squads from every corner of the globe compete in the biggest sporting event on Earth. This year, the tournament will take place in South Africa, from June 11th to July 11th. Here are some fascinating facts about the tournament taking place this year and yesteryear:

Cristiano Ronaldo to Light Up World Cup 2010 Finals

With the World Cup finals approaching, can Cristiano Ronaldo still prove to be the world’s best player? Success has come easy for him so far, but can he make it last?

Soccer World Cup Jerseys – Tips to Buy Soccer Jerseys to Show Your Support

The 2010 World Cup Is being awaited by millions of people all around the planet. If you are lucky enough to come from one of the nations to progress to the finals in the summer, you will want to be sure you get behind your team in full. An easy way to express your support and allegiance would be to get hold of the latest world cup soccer jerseys.

Betting Tips and Kelly Criterion

Making money in soccer betting is possible only when your predictions are significantly different from those of the bookmakers. This is what is known as “value betting”. The profitability of fixture is a product of bookmaker odds and the probability of a win.

Latin American Soccer

The first World Cup was held in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city. The team of Uruguay, one of the greatest teams of all time, won the international title, followed by Argentina and Yugoslavia (present-day Serbia), USA, Chile, Brazil, France, Paraguay, Romania, Peru, Belgium, Bolivia and Mexico. Historically it had been competitive in football. This Spanish-speaking had won six South American tournaments between 1916 and 1926. Two years ago, it placed first at the VIII Games of the Olympiad in Paris, France. Subsequently, the South American republic made tabloid headlines throughout June 1928 when it won the IX Summer Olympics in Amsterdam (Netherlands), a performance which had served to inspire Uruguay even more. It was its second successive Olympic title.

Arab Soccer

The Arab soccer made the international headlines when Saudi Arabia won the Under-17 World Championship in Scotland in the late 1980s, giving Arab football its first global tournament of any kind. Five years on, using a nucleus of footballers from Scotland’89, the Arabian team won the right to participate in the 15th World Tournament in California, USA. Certainly Arabia -an oil-rich country– had been the surprise of the international event. The national squad is one of Asia’s most successful team, having won the Asian Cup three times.

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