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Why Manchester United Fans Love George Best

Born in Belfast in May 1946, George Best was a natural born footballer. His parents, Dick and Anne Best noticed his talent even at a very young age. At the age of 11, Best won a scholarship to the local Grammar School where the only sport on the curriculum was Rugby.

Who Are the All Time Greatest Chelsea Players?

A look at the hero’s of Stamford Bridge and what makes a True Blue. Chelsea players who are loved by the fans.

Liverpool FC’s Greatest Players

Which players do you think deserve the title ‘Liverpool FC legend’? Here are a few suggestion for the best players in a red shirt.

England World Cup Songs – The Best and Worse

With the World Cup 2010 just around the corner, here’s a reminder of the World Cup songs from previous campaigns. Do we really need a World Cup song for this year’s finals?

Winning the World Cup! – South Africa 2010

A look at the great International teams that are competing to win the World Cup Finals in South Africa 2010. Who will take home the trophy?

The Best Manchester UTD Player Ever

All Manchester UTD fans will have a strong opinion on who is the best Manchester UTD player ever. Conclusions will probably be determined by age and the quality and quantity of the players seen at Old Trafford over the years.

Soccer Shoes – Who Wears What?

Football or soccer, as many know it, is the most followed game on this planet – to the extent that it is a religion to many. The fascination and complete devotion to the game can be gauged from the fact that not only do we try to emulate a player’s playing style, personal characteristics and overall take to the game, we even know the brand of shoes that he is wearing.

Football Coaching Tips – Getting the Most From Your Team

Football is a huge sport in the UK and has often been compared to a religion with many worshippers spending weekends on the terraces watching their favourite teams take on their rivals. If you’ve ever been to a game of football you’ll have no doubt heard many of the supporters barking instructions (sometimes in fairly colourful language) to the players on the pitch and sometimes they seem to make more sense than whatever the manager has told them.

Are Penalties a Fair Way to Decide the World Cup?

Every 4 years we have the soccer world cup. Sometimes the teams are so closely matched that the world cup final moves into penalties. This happened 4 years ago in Germany during the 2006 world cup final between Italy and France with Italy becoming the world cup champions. But is going to penalties at the end of a world cup final fair?

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Pictured the White of Madrid Over Any Other Side

Discover why Cristiano Ronaldo felt so attracted to the Spanish giants Real Madrid and what made him decide to make the switch from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Learn why Cristiano pictured his future at The Bernabeu stadium and not Old Trafford.

Why Choose World Cup Packages For 2010

The 2010 FIFA world cup will be the nineteenth World Cup that is due to begin between the eleventh of June and eleventh of July 2010 in South Africa. There will be two hundred and four competing nations, which have been involved in a qualification process that began back in August 2007.

Why Liverpool Must Finish 4th

This season has been one of the most interesting in English football as we’ve seen Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester City and Liverpool are all fighting it out for the highly coveted fourth place spot in the English Premier League. As the season comes to a close we ask ourselves (as Liverpool fans) “can we finish in the top 4?”

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