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The Evolution of Football Boots

Believe it or not the use of football boots dates back to Henry VIII of England. Her majesty ordered a pair from the Great Wardrobe in 1526, the royal shopping list stated: “45 velvet pairs and 1 leather pair for football”. Since then football boots evolved to be an essential part of the game and nowadays they are made with high-materials such as carbon fibre and synthetic leather.

Americas – National Teams!

By 1982, America won the Under-20 CONCACAF Championship, followed by Guatemala ( the host country’s squad), Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica and El Salvador. In the final match, USA beat Guatemala 3-1 and won the right to participate in the global competition in the United Mexican States in 1983.

Can Torres and Villa Fire Spain to World Cup Glory in South Africa?

A look at the chances of Spain at the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Having failed to progress past the Quarter Finals since 1950, the team have become known for failing on the World’s biggest stage. However, they head to South Africa as favourites to win the tournament and this article considers whether David Villa and Fernando Torres are capable of firing Spain to World Cup glory.

Caribbean Soccer – Interesting Facts & Figures!

After many years of hard work, discipline and preparation, Jamaica, a cricketing nation, won the right to participate in the global event in Paris (France) in the late 1990s. In the course of the tournament, Japan lost 2-1 to Jamaica. It was the first time in the Island’s history that the national delegation had competed in the World Cup.

Watching For Soccer Penalty Kick Trickery

There is a lot of discussion about whether the paradinha or “little stop” should be allowed in soccer penalty kicks. This article looks at some of the issues surrounding this bit of penalty kick trickery.

The Men’s Soccer Team of Costa Rica – The Golden Boys!

The men’s soccer squad of Costa Rica was runner-up in the 1930 Central American and Caribbean Games in Havana (Cuba). Five years later, the Costa Rican squad captured the silver medal, after Mexico (gold), in the III Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador (El Salvador). Football is the most popular sport in CR.

Nations of the World – National Teams

Like Italy, Brazil and Argentina, Germany is listed among the World’s best teams. Out of 19 competitions, Germany won three times. Between June 16 and July 4, 1954, it won its first international event when the German team captured the V World Championship in Switzerland. In the final match, they beat Hungary 3-2. Curiously, in the preliminary round, it lost 8-3 to Hungary. This was the first time in which a nation other than Uruguay and Italy had won the FIFA World Cup. Two decades later, by 1974, the men’s soccer team of West Germany, led by its star Franz Beckenbauer, won its second global title by beating Holland 2 to 1 in the final game. Subsequently, in 1990, the national squad came in first place in the Men’s Soccer World Cup in Rome, Italy.

Life Story of a Star in the Making – Cristiano Ronaldo

Arriving in Manchester amid a media storm. United had managed to sign the player without the Press suspecting a thing. As the Stock Market was told that the player had been signed, hundreds of journalists flooded up to Manchester to get a proper look at one of Manchester United`s youngest signings.

Central American Soccer – 50 Years of History!

The Salvadoran squad took the gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Mexico City. It was during the Caribbean Games in 1954, when El Salvador achieved the sensation of beating the host country in the gold-medal game.

The Rolling History of the Soccer Ball

The phrase ‘play ball’ has most probably emerged from our natural instinct to kick at anything we find lying on the ground, be it paper, plastic or a rubber ball. In the olden days, people even kicked heads for fun.

Soccer Field Diagram – Who Else Want to Learn Soccer Formations?

It’s like clockwork when you have a soccer field diagram before you and you are planning to teach the kids soccer formations and positions. When the kids are younger, say between 4 to 6 years in age, it is better to make them play in small sided soccer, like a 3 v 3, or a 4 v 4 without goalkeepers.

Preview Of The New Season At MLS

David Beckham won’t be playing football at the World Cup and he will also be missing from Major League Soccer for five months. But does the League need him anymore now that its popularity has increased to such a level that new stadiums are being built and already there are many sold out games?

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