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Arsenal 2008-2009 Season Review, Part 2 – Overall Player Ratings

Welcome to Part 2 of my season review. Having analysed our season as a whole in Part 1, what went right and what went wrong, I will today focus on player ratings, where I will rate each and every one of our players making sure to provide the explanation behind the ratings.

Botafogo V Atletico PR – Football Betting Preview

Prior to Thursday nights loss with Sao Paulo, Botafogo were on an unbeaten 7 game roll, don’t froth at the mouth too much though as 4 from that roll were draws. However, most of their draws have been away and today they face a team in Atletico PR who have won only 2 games from the last 7.

These 5 Exercises Will Make Any Soccer Player Faster Immediately

When it comes to increasing the speed of a soccer player, there are 5 drills or exercises that a soccer player can learn and do which will make them faster immediately. One of the more common mistakes soccer players make when it comes to bursting to the ball is covered here!

I Wish I Had Known This While My Daughter Was Playing Soccer For 9 Years

My daughter and I were hoping 3 years ago that she could get a soccer scholarship. However, after one of the coaches at her previous high school was blunt and even cruel in his evaluation of her ability, she came home crying and her ego was so deflated that she gave up soccer altogether. She was a great goalie. However, there was already a goalie at that school and he did not even give her a chance. I did not ever speak up to that coach and I wish I had, in retrospect.

The Final of Which Year Saw Arsenal First Win the FA Cup?

Arsenal was established as Dial Square by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich in 1886. However, the Gunners had to wait for 44 years for their very first honour came as the club won the FA Cup in 1930 when they played Huddersfield Town at Wembley Stadium.

The Forthcoming Season For Manchester United

So what is the upcoming season for Manchester United? It has come to the time of the year. In a month’s time, Barclays Premier League will be back on our screens and Saturday / Sunday nights will no longer be as boring as what the past 3 months has been for us.

2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup maybe some way off yet, indeed we have yet to witness the 2010 version in South Africa. Nevertheless, even though some 5 years away there is already a world cup buzz in Brazil. The 2014 venues have recently been chosen, they are as follows: As with all selection processes there are winners and losers, the winners are, the capital, Brasilia (no shock there), naturally too, Rio and Sao Paulo are selected.

Liverpool FC Fans Groups Should Be Careful Over Takeover of Club

I cannot help but be concerned over the language used by the two Liverpool supporters groups – Spirit of Shankly and ShareLiverpool FC – aiming to make a bid for the club. Both supporters clubs – or as Spirit of Shankly rather pompously calls itself “union” – have affiliations with the Far Left, as does most of a city proud of its political past, but I fear they are barking up the wrong tree with their model for the future of Liverpool FC.

Trading Talk – Championship Preview

The football season is fast approaching and serious soccer spread punters will already have begun to look beyond the big money transfers of the English top-flight to the Coca-Cola Championship, which this year, houses some of the biggest clubs since the League’s inception. After over a decade as dependable mid-table finishers in the Premiership, Middlesbrough drop into the second tier along with their North-East rivals Newcastle.

Plyometric Exercises For Soccer Players

Plyometric exercises are a very significant part of an athlete’s training program. Plyometric exercise is included in any kind of training program for an athlete, whether it is a top notch training program or a general training program for an average athlete. These exercises make the athlete realize his full potential and help him perform better than an average athlete on the field. An athlete would not be able to reach his ultimate potential until and unless he includes plyometric exercises in his exercise routine and training program. The goal of ultimate potential cannot be reached with any short cut and the person has to work really hard to achieve it.

Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Playing soccer is a great way to get healthy. Read how your body benefits in a multitude of ways from the game of soccer.

What Makes a Team – The Coach Or the Players?

In the just concluded Football Season, various Club-sides went about buying players. They believe the renown star-players will help build their Clubs. Personally, I believe that both players and the coach have their parts to play in lifting up a building a virile team and in lifting up a Club.

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