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The Marseille Scandal – How Blind Ambition Won and Lost European Glory

That was certainly the case with the French club Olympique de Marseille of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Marseille were the most successful club in France as resplendent in their brilliant white soccer uniforms they won the French first division (Ligue 1) four seasons in a row, and their brilliant run of success culminated in 1993, when they became the first ever (and till now the only) French club to win the European Cup.

The End of the Road?

The past few weeks have seen a capitulation in Premier League contention for Champions League football – after years of dominance, is it time for English clubs to return to onlookers in Europe’s premier competition? First was Liverpool, who after that loss to Athletico on Thursday could fall out of Europe for the second time this term, then we had Chelsea; out mastered by their former master and cult hero of Stamford Bridge, who else but Jose Mourinho.

Sir Bobby Robson – A True Knight of Soccer

Being awarded a knighthood by the ruling United Kingdom monarch is one of the finest honors that can be bestowed, recognizing a lifetime’s achievement in a certain field. In world of soccer only fourteen such awards have ever been bestowed, as well as one honorary knighthood to soccer legend Pele. Of the UK born knights, the awards were evenly spread among managers, players and club officials. Yet of the fourteen, one stands out.

Flawed Soccer Genius – The George Best Story

Most soccer players cope well with their rise to fame and enjoy playing soccer, earning money and enjoying the good things in life that come with it. A soccer player’s career at the top can be as short as ten years, and a player with a head on his shoulders will soon realize that they have to safeguard their future by investing in their health and their financial stability after their careers on the soccer field has drawn to a close.

Goalkeepers Are Crazy

There is a general consensus in soccer that goalkeepers are the exception to the rule. After all they are allowed to do things on the field that the outfield players only do at the risk of expulsion, like catch the ball.

The Rise of Roy Hodgson

As a player, Hodgson was on the books at Crystal Palace but never made a first team appearance. It was when he moved into management that Hodgson started to make a name for himself. At the end of 2007, Fulham offer Hodgson the managers job as at the time, they were struggling in the Premier League and needed a change of direction.

Santos FC – A Brazilian Legend

To say that soccer is Brazil’s most favorite sport is to say that fish swim in the sea. Santos’s success as a club team was remarkable and the dominated the stage in their country and their fame spread throughout the World when they won the World Club Championships for two successive seasons in 1962 against the powerful Benfica side and in 1963 against AC Milan.

Concerns Over the Pitch at Wembley Stadium

The old Wembley Stadium was opened in 1923 and had a reputation for having one of the finest pitches in Britain. The construction of the stadium was delayed and way over budget yet the problems didn’t end there.

The Top 5 Midfielders in the English Premier League This Season

This year’s Premier League season has arguably been the best ever (so far), and that’s partly down to the amazing midfield talent that has been on display this year. I’ve outline my five top midfielders of the season so far.

2010 Socceroos Jerseys

Earlier in March Nike has released the new 2010 socceroos away and earlier this week, they have released the home version to the public. The Design Compared to the 2009 home version, which was almost entirely gold, the 2010 home jersey features a little bit more colors. The sleeves and shoulders are green, and the chest display a white chevron strip offering an interesting contrast with the gold and the emblem and manufacturer logo.

Online Football Shirt Sales Are Up

The online football shirt market is definitely on the upswing right now. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup just few short months away, fans can find shirts for all of their favorite countries at several sites online.

Soccer Practice Games – 5 Action Ideas to Shooting Techniques

What if I told you that young players enjoy the soccer practice games the most when they are scoring goals. Yes, you must make it a point to include large number of opportunities for them to practice scoring. There are numerous options that can be exercised to create opportunities of them.

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