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Ten Reasons Why Spain Will Win the Fifa World Cup

Spain will travel to South Africa next summer as many people’s favourite for the tournament, and rightly so. The national side are currently untouchable and in the middle of an incredible run of internationals in which they have lost only one match in 43. The team ooze confidence with every touch and having dispatched of an Argentina side short on confidence but full of fight and quality, they will fear no-one. But what is the secret behind Spain’s winning formula? All will be explained as I give my ten reasons why Spain will win the World Cup.

5 Things to Look For in Good Soccer Trainers – Choosing the Right Soccer Trainer

When looking for soccer lessons for your kid, group or team, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Those of you that do not know too much about the sport may fall prey to ‘trainers’ that do not know much (or do not care much) about their job.

Should Celtic and Rangers Be Allowed Into the Premier League?

The debate about whether Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club (both of Glasgow in Scotland) should be allowed to join the English Premier League has raged on for years now, and has finally reached boiling point this year, with the president of the Football Association finally making his opinions heard. So why do Rangers and Celtic want to join the EPL? The main reason is for the money.

Outstanding Soccer Fitness – A Single Exercise That Will Get You in Shape For Soccer!

Exercises for soccer must focus in on explosive power and unmatched conditioning. If you are interested in learning about a single exercise for soccer to help you achieve both of the elements then keep on reading!

Passion For Soccer in Italy

A typical Italian bracelet consists of eighteen Italian charm links. Each link has an Italian charm face (design or image) soldered on the actual Italian charm link (sounds familiar?). Italian Soccer is the most passionate sport in Italy. The Italians really love the game more than any sport. They love football as much as they love wine. People in Italy are very loyal to their football team.

Girls Soccer – ACL Tear, Patella Femoral Syndrome and an Ankle Injury

As a female soccer player your time on the soccer field may be limited due to unavoidable injury. This article will inform of three injuries you need to be aware of that may occur in either a soccer game or training.

How the Hyundai A-League Came About

Ever wondered how the Hyundai A-League came into existence or why its now Australia’s biggest league? Here’s a little heads up.

6 Secrets on How to Kick a Soccer Ball Just Like the Professionals!

Have you ever wanted to kick a soccer ball just as good as a professional soccer player? It takes years of training to become a professional soccer player but every one of them had to learn the basics first. It requires a lot of passion, time and hard work to achieve your goals.

5 Secrets on How to Make Your Kid Become the Next Soccer Superstar

Do you want your kid to be the next Diego Maradona? Your dreams of having your son playing in the English League every week is possible but it requires a lot of work and encouragement.

Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Juan Roman Riquelme

His full name is Juan Roman Riquelme. He was born June 24, 1978 in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, an impoverished providence of Buenos Aires Argentina to a family of ten. He is an Argentine soccer player who now plays for Boca Juniors of the Argentine Primera Division, and his position on the field is as an attacking midfielder.

Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Lionel Messi

His full name is Lionel Andrés Messi. Messi who was born 24 June 1987 is an Argentine soccer player and now participates for La Liga’s Barcelona and the Argentine national team. Messi is regarded as one of the best and famous soccer players of his generation, by the age of 21, has received several Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations.

Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Diego Maradona

His complete name is Diego Armando Maradona. He was born 30 October 1960 in Lanus, Buenos Aires. Maradona is an ex- Argentine soccer player, and now manager for team of Argentine national. He is regarded as a lot of people as the greatest soccer player of all time. His nickname is The King Pibe de Oro Golden Boy. He was chosen the greatest FIFA soccer player of the 20th century (an honor he shares with Pele).

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