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Soccer Goalkeeping Drills

The goalkeeper’s job is certainly the toughest of all soccer players, since whereas a defender, midfielder or attacker can get off with a couple of mistakes every now and then, a goalkeeper’s mistakes are a lot more visible. Let’s take a look at some popular soccer goalkeeping drills you could try out with your team.

Football, Football, And More Football – Cont’d 2

The ‘let’s be able to stand on the terraces’ has reared it’s head again recently. Should we or shouldn’t we have a certain amount of standing room at certain football clubs?

Best Soccer Conditioning Drills

Conditioning plays an increasingly more important role in today’s soccer, so if you ever want to become a pro, you’d best start working on your fitness and endurance levels from early on. Unlike popular belief, soccer conditioning drills are not just short-term, in that you can’t “forget” how to be fit like many states.

3 Best Ways to Improve Soccer Skills Individually

If you’re looking for ways to improve soccer skills individually, you’ve come to the right place. I know that soccer team practice sometimes just isn’t enough if you want to become great. Just take a look at most of the great soccer players in activity. They always say that they spend a lot of hours off-pitch improving their soccer skills, which makes them so good in matches. But simply training after hours isn’t enough, you need to train intelligently, after a rigorous program.

Profile of FC Barcelona’s Gabriel Alejandro Milito

Gabriel Alejandro Milito is the twentieth Argentinean to wear the FC Barcelona shirt and considered to be perfect in his role of centre back. Previously playing for Independiente in Argentina followed by a four year stint at Zaragoza, Milito signed to Barça in August 2007 on a four year contract.

Football, Football And More Football! Cont’d 1

Leeds United seem to be the forgotten team. Even though they have had incredibly bad luck in recent years – nearly going out of existence, tumbling down the tables and being deducted fifteen points this season – they are slowly and quietly restering some pride at Elland Road.

Flaming Flamini

The come back of Flamini. Mathieu Flamini: Perfect partner to Fabregas ( Six months ago, Mathieu Flamini seemed to be on his way out of the Emirates. Unable to win a regular place in the team, he considered buying out his contract. What a difference now!

Leeds Boss – Dennis Wise – 1st Year Review

October 24th marks one year since Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet agreed to take over as the Leeds United management team at Elland Road. Its fair to say that Leeds fans were very skeptical when chairman Ken Bates brought them in.

Football, Football and More Football!

Now that the season is in full swing do we get a clearer picture of whats happening? Do we know who are going to win the leagues? And how about England…? Let’s see…

Trapping A Soccer Ball

Trapping a soccer ball is a skill that cannot be forgotten. Let this short story be a reminder of its importance.

Football Freestyle – Shoes for Football Freestyle

If you’re starting out with football freestyle you might want to have proper shoes. I’ll explain to you what I think the best shoes are for football freestyle.

Fun Soccer Drills For Kids

I know a lot of people think that working with grown-ups is a lot harder than working with children, because grown-ups already have a formed personality, they have their own experience with the game of soccer and each of them needs to be treated as an individual at all times. For me, soccer drills for young players are a lot harder to apply, because you don’t have a lot of options to take in your relationship with them.

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