Moments That No One Expected

FIFA World Cup 2010 – England Vs Algeria Preview

After the disappointment against USA in their opening match last Saturday, England will seek retribution against Algeria on Friday, in Cape Town. At least on paper this looks like a no-contest, but given the pressure of expectation, even a Brazil faltered against North Korea. And Algeria have nothing to lose. So we could still see an enthralling match of sorts.

Top Suggestions For Anyone Heading to South Africa For World Cup 2010 Action

As the South African Nation prepares for World Cup 2010, around 500,000 soccer fans from all over the globe are looking for World Cup Accommodation in the nine different cities that are hosting World Cup Matches. Most of them will be traveling to South Africa as novices.

6 Ways That Hypertensive Fans Can Watch and Enjoy the World Cup

Depending on your country’s time zone, you may end up watching the World Cup live late at night. Therefore, as an hypertensive patient and fan of the beautiful game, the first thing you want to avoid is taking stimulants (e.g. Coffee, Caffeine derivatives). These will only aggravate your hypertension!

Expectations of South America in the World Cup

South America has been one of the dominant forces in the last World Cups, led by Brazil and Argentina. Can they continue their success in 2012? And can the other South American Teams take the step up?

South Africa Humiliated by Uruguay

The Bafana Bafana of South Africa got the beating of their lives this evening in their second group A match, losing by a whooping 3-0 margin to Uruguay, in what could best be described as a one-sided game. Diego Forlan scored a brace to put the game beyond the South Africans, and also making him to top the goal scorers table, with 2 goals in 2 matches (an average of a goal per match). The Bafana Bafana seemed ready to carry the day in the early minutes of the first half, getting their first corner as early as…

FIFA World Cup 2010 – France Vs Mexico Preview

France and Mexico play each other in a group A game on Thursday in Polokwane. This is a crucial game for both teams, especially Mexico who drew a match they were expected to win, against South Africa. In recent years, France have bounced back whenever expectation was low; they will seek to put the Uruguay match behind them.

Cole and Ballak Given the Blues

The Chelsea midfield duo join around 500 players who have already been released by their clubs this summer. After Manchester City released Benjani, Martin Petrov and Sylvinho, Cole and Ballack join the list of players looking for a new club. Last week, the Blues’ assistant manager Ray Wilkins stated that he and gaffer Carlo Ancelotti sincerely hoped that Cole would stay at the club, calling him a ‘smashing guy and a wonderful footballer.

How to Increase Your Stamina to Play Soccer Better

One thing that is needed during soccer is to have stamina to make it through a game. Find out what things that you can do that will help you build this stamina.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup – Cool Stadiums

For those who won’t have the privilege of following the tournament, you might be wondering on what kind of stadiums the football all stars will be performing their soccer tricks. Well South Africa really took to heart their being the 2010 hosts and over the years constructed five totally new stunning stadiums.Here’s a peek for all you ‘soccerholics’.

Nelson Mandela May Miss World Cup Opening Due to Family Tragedy

It’s finally here. The day that football fans all around the world have been waiting for.

World Cup 2010 – Strong Rivalry Between Italy and England Soccer Fans in Malta

Malta is a country of 400,000 people and just like in politics, whereby the country is nearly divided between two political parties, so are the majority of soccer fans divided between two teams: Italy and England. England ruled Malta from 1800 up to 1964, when the country gained Independence, and Malta’s roots to the British are too evident to ignore: Malta proudly bears the George Cross on its flag, given by King George VI to the island nation for heroic attitude of the people of Malta during the Second World War.

Host World Cup Parties at Home With Satellite Television

The event that soccer fans from all over the world have been anticipating for 4 long years is finally here. It is the first day of the World Cup and if you haven’t yet figured out how you are going to access the games then you need to get on top of it, and soon! Soccer, or football as most of the world calls it, is arguably the most popular sport in the world. There might be areas of the world that favor another sport more, but far and wide the world loves soccer.

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