MLS Cup Vlog: Late Game Equalizers, Penalty Kicks, and MORE!

Third Round of the FA Cup

The third round of the FA Cup took place this Sunday January 7th and it was a game worth watching.

Billy Wingrove – Learn Freestyle Football Vol 1 Review

I’m very keen in freestyle football since last year, 2006. So I watched a few video clips on the internet to learn a few tricks. I thought I’d give it a go on this DVD and see how it can improve my freestyle soccer tricks.

Ronaldinho’s Biography

Ronaldinho was born into a family of football addicts, living in a wooden house in the heart of a favela. His father, Joao da Silva Moreira who played for an amateur club made ends meet by by working as a car park attendant at Gremio Football Club. His brother Roberto was a great hope for the club but then his career was unfortunately ended by a terrible knee injury.

LA Galaxy: An Introduction To Beckham’s New Team

A closer look at David Beckham’s new team ‘LA Galaxy’. Ten things you may not know about the club, including their history and fans, as well as past and present players.

Manchester United – Lasting The Course

Manchester United has certainly found the right solution again, and has a fantastic team with some top performers doing them proud in the Premiership. But how long will the current crop continue to shine and maintain their status as both domestic and European contenders. In Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and even Louis Saha they have three wonderful competitors who seem to have developed a fantastic understanding, which must be encouraging as their aging stars begin to contemplate winding down.

The Watford Ransom Demand

I have to comment on the ludicrous amounts of money being bounded around for Watford’s Ashley Young. As I write this article he remains a Hornet but I’m assuming he will make a move in the summer, if not by the end of the transfer window. I heard West Ham offered close to £9 million which is ridiculous considering I’ve never really seen Young turn a game on its head.

The Player of the Year

Who will go on to win the Premiership’s player of the year award? Right, no messing around please. The Player of the Year award this season will come down to two players – Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba. It’s as simple as that.

The Benefit Of Relegation For Charlton Athletic

Can relegation from the Premiership ever be a good thing? Well, I think if it can, it might just be for Charlton Athletic.

Blackburn Rovers – The Pure Entertainment Experience

Who will argue that Blackburn are the best entertainment value in the Premiership? Out of all the premiership sides outside the top two or three, I have to admit I always enjoy watching Blackburn Rovers whenever they’re on the box.

Kopping Out – The Liverpool Saga

Will Liverpool ever get back to the very top of the domestic game? So, another season has pretty much come and gone for Liverpool and we’re only just into January as I write. Ruthlessly thrown out of both domestic cup competitions by the Arsenal and facing a similar treatment from Barcelona in the Champions League, it’s not looking too bright for the Reds.

Liverpool Vs Chelsea: Stamford Bridge

Game Preview Saturday 20th Jan: Rafael Benitez didn’t seem pleased at all after Arsenal emphatically beat Liverpool twice at Anfield. I mean how could he be? Being beaten 3-1 and then 6-3 isn’t something that would put a smile on your face especially if you’re being knocked out of cup competitions. His rotation rule seems to be receiving a lot of criticism from football analysts

Rafael Benitez’s Rotation Style Reaps Shame For Liverpool At Home

Benitez has done a good job if you consider he won the champions league in a dramatic final in Amsterdam against AC Milan where Liverpool were three goals down at half time and by the end of the night had scored thrice to get back on level terms and surprisingly beat AC Milan in a penalty shootout. They also lifted the coveted FA Cup last season after beating West Ham in a penalty shootout in the final. So, what seems to be the problem this year?

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