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How to Develop Soccer Juggling Skills

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly why soccer juggling is so important and also tell you how to juggle properly and a couple of ways to train it individually, with a teammate or in a group.

Soccer Rules

Despite being a sport with roots reaching out to medieval and even ancient times, soccer was never really played under a set of strict rules until 1863. On 26 October, 1863 several amateur and semi-professional clubs from England gathered up in London and formed up the Football Association and devised a “constitution” for the game, including a set of standardized soccer. Let’s take a look at some of the official soccer rules of today…

The History Of Football Freestyle

Curious about how the art of football freestyle were born. This is what I know about the pioneers of freestyle and the history!

Football Juggling Tricks

You want to know more about football juggling tricks? Here I will explain what it’s all about!

The Main Reason Why Real Madrid Suffered In Recent Seasons – And How They Missed Out On C Ronaldo

Discussion about the recent poor form shown by Real Madrid throughout the past few years. Includes the issues regarding the superstars-only transfer policy, and the lack of investment in the youth system – which meant the club missed out on Cristiano Ronaldo.

What Are Arsenal’s Chances In The English Premiership This Seaon?

With the departure of Thierry Henry to Barcelona, would the Arsenal team be in transition or challenging for the English Premiership? What would be Arsenal’s chance of winning the English Premiership?

Is This The Year When Liverpool Reclaims the English Premiership Title

For the last 17 years, Liverpool and its fans have been living in the shadows of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea as the trio dominate the English Premiership (EPL). Without a League title to its name for the past 17 years since 1990, this season however may prove to be different.

Football Freestyle Company

This is about football freestyle companies and organizations. They are all big inspiration for a lot of young kids out there!

Football Freestyle – The Pros

This article is dedicated to the pros of football freestyle. They deserve a lot more attention then they get today.

The Ronaldinho Move

The Ronaldinho move is explained in this article. A lot of the defenders who try to defend against this move(done correctly) just looks like fools.

What is Football Freestyle?

A brief article about what football freestyle is. The pros of today will also be mentioned!

Football Entertainment

If you’re looking for a different show at your event, exhibition or maybe you need some unique skills in a TV ad or music video. Football Freestyle is perfect for these purposes. Not many people have seen the sport and there is amazing tricks that people will love to see.

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