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Football – The Sport That the World Raves About

This article talks about the most popular form of sport that is played across the globe: football. The article also tries to highlight the basic elements of the game and reason what makes it so appealing to everyone around the world.

How Australia Thwarted Premier League’s Expansion Plan

Banking on the immense popularity of football, Premier League is hoping to extend the reach of the game overseas, and not just in the Isles of Britain. Both critics and supporters of the league are obviously at each other’s throats over this matter in the past few years. Unfortunately, the camp of those against this proposed expansion seemed to have become stronger recently. Opponents for expansion now includes Federation Australia or FFA, and many sport analysts consider this development the final nail in the coffin.

John Toshack – Liverpool FC Legend

John Toshack was a Liverpool legend, famed for his great goal scoring and his fantastic strike partnership with Kevin Keegan Toshack began his football career with his home town club Cardiff City, signing his first professional contract in 1966, on his 17th birthday. Toshack remained at Cardiff for four seasons and scoring seventy-five goals. Bill Shankly signed Toshack, after Liverpool’s original target Frank Worthington had failed a medical and the rest, as they say, is history.

Are Aqua Goalkeeper Gloves Worth the Money?

Over the years as a goalkeeper coach and now launching my own goalkeeper glove brand, I am always asked, ‘Are Aqua keeper Gloves worth the money?’ My answer is yes, and no.

Kevin Keegan – Liverpool FC Legend

Kevin Keegan began his playing career at Scunthorpe United in 1968 and signed for Liverpool in 1971 for an amazing 35,000, under the management of Bill Shankly, Keegan went on to become one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players. On August 14th 1971, Kevin Keegan made his Liverpool debut at Anfield against Nottingham Forest and after only twelve minutes he scored his first Liverpool goal. Keegan was originally signed for his midfield qualities, but his abilities as a forward were soon recognised and he went onto forge a great partnership with striker John Toshack.

Dynamo Kiev

Travel to Kiev, and you have a great choice of Kiev hotels and even rental Kiev apartments from which to base a great sightseeing trip. You will in Kiev discover a city of steep cobbled streets, a beautiful opera house, the Tsarist- Era University, magnificent churches and monasteries, with the odd sprinkling of grand monuments from the Soviet era. There’s the massive Constructivist dimensions of its curving main street, Kreshchatyk – and the quite remarkable edifice of the republican stadium, home of the city’s football club.

Soccer Patches and Star Patches Can Be Used to Motivate Players and Make Sports More Fun

Soccer patches and star patches can be used to motivate hustle, bravery, listening, effort, attitude, leadership, teamwork, improvement, individual improvements (such as skills), or team achievements. This article discusses how soccer patches and star patches can be used to help players and teams improve and have more fun.

Soccer Stadiums and Practice Parks Need LED Lighted Goal Posts and a Cross Bar

Okay so, I am not sure how many of you have played soccer at night under the lights? When I was in my youth I played soccer for seven years; that included some high school, some club soccer, and AYS0. Back then our municipal Park and Recreation District was always challenged by the cost of the lighting for the fields for practice.

5 Sports Injuries That Can Keep You On The Sidelines

A competitive spirit, the desire to stay physically fit, and a passion for the game are some of the reasons we love to participate in sports. Along with the many rewards, from victories earned to friendships forged, a major downside is the risk of a sports injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 7 million sports and recreation related injuries occur every year and more than half of them are sustained by those between the ages of 5 and 24.

The Fun of Fantasy Football Competitions

Call them Monday night quarter-backs or arm-chair referees, most sport fans have always been keen on expressing their views and opinions on the outcome of sporting matches throughout the history of sports. Fans of the English premier league are no different. Until now, the most common way for English soccer fans to get involved has been through fantasy football competitions.

Soccer Practice – Training Players to Play Fast While Under Pressure

How you practice makes a huge difference in how your players will perform in real soccer matches. If your players train slowly, without pressure, you are preparing them to play that way. Obviously, real soccer matches aren’t like that. Real soccer matches involve pressure and the team that can play the fastest while under pressure will probably win. This article discusses soccer practice games that train players to play fast and instinctively while under pressure.

Why Energy Replacement Is Important To Soccer Players and How It Is Connected to Hydration

This article discusses why energy replacement is important to soccer players and how it is connected to hydration. Topics such as the best sources of energy, two simple sources of energy and an explanation of electrolytes and when they are beneficial.

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