Defending in Pairs and Staying Compact

Kids’ Soccer and the Importance of Soccer Skills

Kids Soccer has exploded onto the scene and has become a mass phenomenon. More Kids play soccer than any other sport in the world. The attraction is quite simple; Soccer is fun and easy to play when compared with all the other sports.

Over Rated English League Team

A starting XI picked from the English Premier League of players hardly worth all the hype that surrounds them. Come on guys, pull your socks up and get it going in the second half of the season.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Soccer Fitness, Training and Skill Levels – 10 Major Key Areas

Playing soccer to your highest possible level, like any sport, requires a certain discipline, level of fitness, constant training and improvement of your skill set. Identified here are 10 are the most important aspects that encompass a total soccer fitness regime that will allow to you reach your peak, maintain it and constantly perform to your highest level. Whatever your level these 10 areas, when put into practice, will help dramatically alter your performance.

Happy New Year and Stay Away Stewart Downing!

Good grief we’re only a few goals off the relegation zone again! This is terrible! Simply terrible! We didn’t play too badly against Newcastle, they didn’t have much to offer us and we didn’t have much to offer them, sort of like a reluctant blind date where neither of the unfortunate couple is interested in the other.

Soccer Fitness Training – Tips For Peak Performance on the Soccer Field

Great soccer fitness training can elevate your game helping you accomplish the next level of play or the next level of your career. The right program from a good trainer or coach can be the difference between going pro and leaving it all behind after college or high school. When considering soccer fitness training, it’s important to understand the basics to make sure your training is as well rounded as possible. It’s important to make sure you are hitting on all the most important areas of training, including the proper nutrition, adequate warm-up, and specific drills for endurance, strength, agility and speed.

Soccer and Our Love For the Game All Over the World!

Imagine a game that requires not a $100 console, requires not a net or hoop, requires not a certain type of field but all it requires is something in the shape of a sphere. This is precisely the imagination which provides soccer as the most popular sport in the world. Whichever country you go to, whether it is a developed country like America or a poverty struck nation like Zimbabwe, you will always find people playing soccer.

5 Cold-Facts That Could Change Freestyle Soccer in 10 Years Time

On a cold day while walking along the streets, I stumbled a couple of kids doing silky tricks while juggling with the ball. To my amazed, they can do tricks in different combinations or what they called as combo and link among themselves. The soccer tricks intrigued me that I began practicing a few of them, well at least one of them. So then I walked along the park to watch guys playing a nice friendly game on a cold hard rainy afternoon.

What’s Your Coaching Philosophy?

Ever recreational soccer coach has an influence on their young soccer players-mostly positive but sometimes negative. At the core of this influence is the coach’s philosophy.

Young Soccer Players and Shoe Laces

In a soccer match, the last thing you need to worry about is your players’ shoe laces! Imagine being able to say “Mary or Sammy put their cleats on before leaving home, their soccer shoes have a snug fit, and I know their shoe laces will stay secure until the game is over!”

Summary – Gosling Hatches As Everton Beat Sunderland 3-0

Everton continued their fantastic seasonal period form with a convincing win over Sunderland today. It was another case of the scoreline not truly reflecting the dominance Everton had. I just wonder if we’d won even a few of those home games where we would be….

Underrated Premier League XI

Through the first half of the 2008-2009 season, this is my selection for an underrated XI. Players that do their job, week in week out, without perhaps all the fanfare of a Christiano Ronaldo or Didier Drogba.

Boxing Day – Premier League Round Up 26/12/08

Robbie Keane ensured that Liverpool stayed 1 point clear at the top of the English Premier League on Boxing Day, despite Chelsea and Manchester Utd. both winning their games. Since his move from Tottenham, Keane has been highly critisized, but he went a long way to silencing his critics with a fine performance and two goals. Albert Riera opened the scoring with a flick on from a Steven Gerrard corner in the first half.

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