Day 8 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Barbados.

Polyester is the King of Soccer Uniforms

The popularity of this synthetic fiber spread across lands like wild fire and people all over the world started wearing the fabric. The clothes of polyester were very cool and good to wear. Another important quality of this fabric was that it could be altered slightly to hold to any situations and uses. As the fiber was synthetic, the mix of the materials could be easily varied and fibers with different properties suiting each specific use could be created easily.

Newcastle Legend Alan Shearer

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has said that his beloved club do not want him to be their new manager. In the past, Shearer has said that he did not want to take the role on, but on this occasion he does seem to have ‘thrown his hat in the ring’.

Selecting the Best Soccer Jersey to Support Your Team

Soccer fever is always on. There will be tournaments, one after the other, across the world, in every season.

Soccer Jerseys Are The Identity of the Team

The game of soccer is the most popular game on earth. The soccer jersey identifies the game more than anything else.

Express Your Team Loyalty With A Soccer Jersey

Millions of people play soccer around the world. Men and women, boys and girls, young and old, everyone enjoys the spirit of the game.

Need And Significance Of Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jerseys are not any more uniforms that are to be worn by players on the field. They represent the personality of a team.

Preventing Injury With the Right Soccer Uniform

You won’t be able to express the joy of your heart on that day when your kid is going to play his first official game. At the same time you will also be very bothered about the perfect little body of your child that is going to be exposed to the strains and pressures of a very rough game.

The Significance of Socks in Soccer Uniforms

The socks are a very important part of the soccer uniform. The socks should be selected in such a way that they should be matching the colors of the soccer jersey and shorts.

Popularity Of Soccer Jerseys

Avid fans use these jerseys as their uniform during matches to proclaim their admiration and loyalty to the team. This trend of wearing the soccer jersey of their favorite teams has grown very famous and popular these days that it has become a part of supporting the teams.

A Short History of Bishop’s Stortford FC – Plus Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About the ‘Blue Brazil’

A potted history of Bishop’s Stortford Football Club and some interesting facts about this great club. Find out why they have such a great tradition and why they are forever associated with the new millennium.

The Best City For Soccer

What exactly makes a city “the best” when it comes to any sport? Is it the team and its success on the playing field that wins a city that designation? Is it the game attendance? How about the amount of revenue that the team generates?

Why Soccer Speed Matters

We have all been told that speed is something you can’t improve since it’s all about genetics. Some say the reason soccer is being played at a higher pace today then it was years ago is due to the way of passing and handling the ball – more one-touch soccer. Is that really true?

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