Day 7 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Coaching Kids Soccer – Best Techniques to Get You Started

Let’s be honest. Anytime you need to coach kids soccer squad, the experience in itself can sometimes become quite overwhelming. Because your players are young, you feel completely stumped with what training techniques you can implement within your training sessions.

The Tide Might Be Changing in Manchester

Why Manchester United and Manchester City are suddenly seeing a change in their organizations. This includes the outrageous debt Man United is surrounded by. Read more to know how much they are in debt, and how they are trying to get out of it.

AC Milan Tickets – Team Facts and Success Story

Want to watch Ronaldinho and Christian Abbiati playing in the Serie A 2009-10 season? Book your tickets from an online booking platform immediately! Be it Livorno, Napoli, Siena or Genoa, you can acquire AC Milan tickets for any place in Italy.

Manchester United Tickets Going Fast!

Procuring Manchester United tickets are increasingly becoming difficult with fans buying up all tickets the very day they are go on sale. However, there are online platforms that promise to provide these elusive tickets, even months before the Championship game. If you consider buying tickets from these websites, you can also avail the benefit of online discounts.

Choose Soccer For Fun

Is your child the normal sort? Does she or he like to run about, climb on the monkey bars, swing about the merry-go-round and loves a ball. Which team sport are you going to sign him/her up for? I recommend soccer.

How to Make a College Soccer Team

A How To article that explains how to make a NCAA college soccer team, if you are a high school soccer player wishing to do so. It can be very helpful for those who interested in college sports, not just soccer.

FIFA Worldcup 2010 in Africa

World Cup 2010 is coming close and is going to be the biggest event in the Europe. South Africa is going to host this great event of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and it will be the Mecca of all sports events.

Yet Another Dramatic Comeback in the African Nations’ Cup

Mozambique recorded yet another dramatic comeback in the ongoing African nations’ cup tournament in Angola yesterday to level scores with Benin republic at 2-2 after a display of soccer artistry by both sides at the Ombaka stadium in Benguela. It would be recalled that Mali had on the opening day come from 4 goals deficit to draw levels at 4-4 with Angola in what was termed ‘the greatest comeback’ in the tournament’s history. The match kicked off at 19:30 GMT with Abdel Raman Khalid of Sudan as the centre referee.

World Cup 2010 – The Major Sporting Event of the Year

The World Cup of football is the most prestigious event of the game of football in the world. This is held after every four years and that’s why it is a unique experience of the lovers of football game.

Soccer Workout

Development of a comprehensive soccer workout routine for technical and fitness development for youth soccer. Can also be used by college and high school soccer programs and players.

Soccer Drills For Instructional Soccer – 3 Quick and Helpful Tips

Having difficulty getting your team to learn the right soccer techniques? Trying to find effective drills to use on your squad can be quite the challenge. That’s why you need to start using soccer drills for instructional soccer methods from today.

New Lease of Life For David Beckham

The David Beckham story goes on as England coach Fabio Capello has given away that Beckham will definitely be in his World Cup squad if he remains fit during his second loan spell in Italy. These days, David Beckham quite simply enjoys to show the international press his friendly face while producing brilliant performances for AC Milan.

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