Day 6 of the SoccerCoachTV summer tour in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Is David Beckham Overrated?

Is David Robert Joseph Beckham overrated? His critics have been shouting it aloud from the rooftops ever since he burst into world football, but his staunchest supporters counter it with the argument that Beckham has done enough to merit a place in the list of football’s greatest ever players.

Soccer Skills – Practice Makes Perfect

Call it soccer, football, footie or any other name it is known by. It’s a popular team sport that’s practiced around the world by toddlers to grown men, men and women alike. Like with any other sport, improving your soccer skills requires time, dedication, and practice.

Why Birmingham City is Doing So Well This Season

Birmingham City is one of the best supported and most historic clubs in the whole of England (they were bound to have a huge support since they are based in England’s ‘second capital’). Despite all of this, they have never been a dominant force in the top flight of football (at least in the last 20 years, and since the Premier League was designed in the 1990’s).

Angola 2010 Opens Amidst Beauty and Pageantry

The much awaited Orange African Nations’ Cup 2010 finally kicked off yesterday at the November 11 stadium in Luanda amidst beauty and pageantry. The opening ceremony which lasted for around an hour was a colourful display of the rich cultural heritage of Angola. The 50,000 capacity stadium was filled with lots of spectators

Football 7s Have Proved Very Popular in Thailand

Football fields can be found almost everywhere in Thailand making of football one of the most loved sport in the Kingdom. Thais mostly begin their training or friendly game after work in the evening when it is less hot. A few local events are organized beside the well-known International Football 7s held in Bangkok and Phuket.

Goalkeeper Gloves – Finding the Perfect Pair

Picking out the right pair of goalkeeper gloves can be difficult. They should be able to keep his hands protected, and should even be able to protect his hands when catching a very fast incoming ball. This makes it very important that the goalkeeper have high-quality gloves on his hands.

3 Reasons Mexico Will Win the 2010 World Cup

Mexico has had a tough go with getting to the World Cup. They have had three different coaches and more than sixty players play with the green jersey and raise the Mexican Flag. Despite the uncertainty, Mexico has gotten their act together through Javier Aguirre.

Coach Youth Soccer – Discover the Secrets

Ever wondered how difficult it may seem to coach youth soccer team? Actually it is not, if you have the right attitude, flair to deal with the kids, and some handy tips.

Soccer Quotes Can Inspire and Entertain

There are tons of soccer quotes that are both inspirational and funny. With soccer being the number one sport in the entire world, there are plenty of brilliant and not-so-brilliant points of views from players from all walks of life and locations.

Football Coaching in the Current Youth Game

Football coaching in the UK has seen dramatic changes over the last decade; the introduction of the level 1 course and the failing programme (in some places) of the junior team managers course has only led to more adults becoming involved in a kids game, which had led to an increase in many factors decreasing the quality of performance and experience of many young people.

Who Were the Greatest Domestic Football Team of the Last Decade?

There have been many great European domestic football teams throughout the last decade, but which is the best? To find out which, I would have to consider the feats of each team, as well as the quality of the players and the moments of magic they produced.

Will Chelsea Sign Anyone in the Transfer Window?

With the January transfer window now open, the big question on everyone’s lips remains the same. Will Chelsea FC sign any players during the window? Their team is nowhere near full strength at the moment, and with an aging squad the problem may only get worse. In my opinion, they need to sign a couple of players at least. Due to their transfer embargo they won’t be able to sign any players until 2011 otherwise.

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