Composure on the ball and Maintaining Possession

English Premier League – Chelsea Has to Persevere

And here I go again with my daily dose of analysis of the match which at the end of the day, makes me scratch my head and think about why the Blues did not show this spirited display of effort when they clashed with Manchester United two Saturdays ago? Chelsea manager Luis Felipe Scolari must have sighed in relief when Frank Lampard scored the winning goal during stoppage time that had almost ran out. But it was the way he celebrated his goal scoring feat that caught my attention.

Juventus Football Shirts Worn With Pride Again

Juventus are a house hold name when it comes to world football and have always been a name that struck fear into opposition. They have won more trophies than any other Italian side and have had an array of talented managers not to mention players.

AC Milan Shirt to Be Beckham’s Last?

The AC Milan football shirt is the fifth David Beckham has worn at club level (if you include his brief loan spell with Preston) and it seems no matter where goes, the media circus follows. David Beckham is never far from the limelight, he is a model professional with a driven desire to be the best footballer he can be. That much shows from his determination to become England’s most capped outfield player hopefully surpassing that of former legend and World Cup winner Sir Bobby Moore.

Is Football Really a Beautiful Game?

I think I belong to the school of thought that says that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Is football really a beautiful game? I think the answer depends on the observer.

Austin Jay Jay Okocha – Africa’s Best Mid Fielder

Okocha started his professional career with CCB Lions, from where he was transfer to Enugu Rangers. From Enugu He got a transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt in 1992/1993 season.

Premier League – Giggs Focuses in West Brom Game and the United’s New Contract Offer

The 35-year-old veteran wide midfielder of Manchester United Ryan Giggs was offered a 1-year extension contract, since his current contract ends in June, 2009. Giggs expressed recently his intentions to retire at the end of this season, however, for Coach Sir Alex Ferguson and his teammates, Giggs has been an important player for the team’s current success and they want him to stay one more year. Ferguson hopes that this offer will convince the Welsh player of continuing with Manchester United one more season so he can contribute with his experience and his football. For Sir Ferguson, Giggs has been incredible this season and he could win the Footballer of the Year award due to his performance on this campaign.

All-Time German National Football Team

Germany is the most consistent football-nation, almost always performing well in big tournaments. It’s not a coincidence that they have made it to the final of 13 major tournaments, winning 6 of them. Germany has been always known for having an efficient team relying on collective effort rather than individual brilliance, but it can’t be denied that they have produced some superb players too. It’s some task to make a team out of them.

Soccer – Kaka Refuses Huge Deal With Manchester City

The AC Milan Brazilian star Kaka, rejected the offer from the Manchester City of a world-record deal of 100 million GBP. He declared on a press conference on Monday that he was staying with the AC Milan since he was feeling great at his club and didn’t need a change.

Coaching Youth Soccer Players? Abide by the All Important Rule #1 and Everybody Wins

Do your kids smile and have fun when they are cleaning their room? Probably not. How about when they are riding carnival rides? Probably so. It is quite possible that having fun could be a missing ingredient on your team.

FC Barcelona’s Arch-Rival – The History of Real Madrid

Real Madrid originated in 1897 when a number of students and lecturers at the Institucion Libre de Ensenanza began playing friendly matches on Sunday mornings. From these humble beginnings, Madrid Football Club emerged in 1902 – gaining its royal patronage and club name in 1920 from King Alfonso XIII. The club became founder members of the Spanish League in 1929 – when Barca won the inaugural title and El Clasico, as the fixture between the two clubs is known in Spain – began in earnest.

English Premier League – The Continuing Saga of Manchester City

With the current financial crisis, it is no secret that even sports organizations are undergoing monetary woes. Soccer teams in the English Premier League are no exception to that.

What Are the Privileges Enjoyed by a Football Team Goalkeeper?

A football match is a sporting activity or game that involves 22 players – 11 players on either side. That is, 11 players make a team. A team has only one goalkeeper at the goalpost.

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