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American Soccer – Our Chances in the World Cup

America does not love Soccer. As a nation we have never embraced the sport. For over twenty years I have been hearing that the United States was on “the cusp” of getting into soccer.

Team Spain – Under a World Cup Curse?

Sometimes Team Spain must feel like they are trapped in the World Cup’s own special and very cruel version of a revolving door. They seem to be getting somewhere and then, without any really good reason, they are right back where they started.

Greece – Second World Cup Appearance Starting Off Badly

It’s kind of difficult to discuss a team’s World Cup history when the team is only making their second appearance ever at the competition. Still, Greece has some history with the Cup.

Paraguay – A Founding Team Without a Big Win

In 1930, when the World Cup was a small tournament and only a handful of countries were represented, Team Paraguay was there. Only thirteen teams vied for the honor of winning that first World Cup. The team from Paraguay did not win.

FIFA World Cup Player Portrait – Hat-Trick Honcho Higuain

After the match against South Korea, Maradona was cock-a-hoop. And with good reason. Not only had his team won 4-1, but barring a short spell in the second third, had stomped all over the Koreans.

Team Netherlands – Almost But Not Quite

It’s sort of like missing every number on your lotto draw by one digit, or by being the person just before the ten thousandth shopper to enter the store and win the sweepstakes. Coming in second in the world’s number one professional football tournament is not an easy pill to swallow.

Soccer Coaching – Who Else Wants to Be a Better Coach?

Have you ever guessed how the deficiency of soccer coaching and playing experience relate to the proficiency and confidence of a coach? Following are some aspects that are required in a coach or may also be considered the qualities of a coach.

Brazil Humbles Cote D’Ivoire 3-1

Brazil this evening booked a place in the last 16 at the ongoing FIFA soccer world cup in South Africa by beating Cote D’ivoire 3-1; with Luis Fabiano scoring a brace. The Ivorians were 3 goals down before pulling one back through their captain, Didier Drogba.

The Netherlands Beat Japan 1-0

The Netherlands this afternoon defeated Japan in their second group match to maintain their 100% unbeaten runs in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The Dutch team now has 6 points and plus three goals to sit comfortably on top of their group, having beaten Denmark 2-0 in their opener.

Soccer in Argentina – The Boca-River Plate “Super-Derby”

If Latin American passion is your thing, you can’t go wrong with Argentinian soccer. Things reach fever pitch four times a year when the two most popular clubs in Argentinian soccer, Boca Juniors and River Plate, clash in the Super-Derby. British newspaper the Observer even put the event at the top of their list, “50 Sporting Things You Must Do Before You Die”. Find out here how to get involved.

Soccer in Argentina – Who is Maradona and Why Does He Divide Opinions?

As the Soccer World Cup unfolds, it’s very difficult to ignore the Argentinians. If not for being the only national squad with two victories in the group stage so far, their progress is shouted from the rooftops at press conferences and interviews by their colourful manager, Diego Maradona. Who is he and why do so many people hate him?

A Soccer Strength and Conditioning Workout From 1 Lift!

Are you looking for a lift to add to your soccer strength and conditioning routine in order to significantly improve your performance? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and apply the following single lift into your training routine for some serious soccer strength results!

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