Best Moments from Supporters’ Shield Winners, New England Revolution

World Cup Goalkeepers – Jean-Jacques Tizie

World Cup soccer goalkeeper, Jean-Jacques Tizie, from the Ivory Coast.

World Cup Goalkeepers – Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar, World Cup soccer goalkeeper for the Netherlands.

World Cup Goalkeepers – Dragoslav Jevric

Profile of Dragoslav Jevric, World Cup soccer goalkeeper.

How to Pick the Winner of the World Cup

A bit of advice for those that are trying to decide who will win the World Cup and how to make those decisions and wagers pay off.

Robinho, Robson de Souza

A so-called “new Pele” appears in Brazil every year. Football journalists often give this name to good, but not super-talented, footballers. Recently we have an opportunity to watch a birth of a new football “miracle.” And Pele himself has opened this “miracle.” In 1999 a great guru came back to his dear Santos to be a couch for growing youth. During the first day of his work he noticed a 15-years-old guy named ROBINHO. After training Pele came to a boy and told he reminded him of himself in his young years. And really, they physically resembled each other a lot – both swarthy, thin and with cheeky smiles, that throw into confusion.

World Cup 2006 Brazilian Style

Why is Brazil so Dominant in world soccer? What is the “Jogo bonito”?

Referees Need Help to Avoid a Portugal vs Netherlands Kind Debacle

The person who runs most on football field is not a midfielder playing for one of the teams but he is the referee of the match. On an average referee runs almost double the amount an average player run in 90 minutes.

How We Can Avoid Circus Like Portugal vs Netherlands Match

To avoid offenses in a match fouls should be categorized into various classifications and level, for example a time killing penalty is equivalent to harsh tackle – a yellow card. But does this solve the problem. Absolutely not, we have to understand the intention of the player. A time killing infringement should be dealt with a time based penalty and a tackling infringement should be dealt with an injury based penalty.

England v Portugal Spread Betting Preview Part II

England haven’t beaten Portugal since a friendly back in 1998, and the last competitive win was in 1966 – and we all know what happened then!

World Cup 2006 Review – Last 16

The World Cup has been reduced from 32 to 16 participating nations as the knockout stages begin. This is how the last 16 faired as they battled for a place in the quarter finals.

Sports Betting Revenues Hitting High During FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the single most popular betting event around the world. Sports bettors bet more than $ 2 billion so far on the World Cup. The sportsbooks, bookmaker are very creative coming up with new ways of betting.

World Cup 2006: Italy v Australia Betting Guide

An online betting guide to the World Cup 2006 football match between Italy and Australia. Free Betting Analysis.

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