Soccer Rules – Offside

The offside rule is one of the biggest sources of controversy at a typical match. But it’s been with us for quite a while, and isn’t going anyplace. Before yelling at the referees, you need to know just what it contains.

Real Madrid – A Club in Crisis? (2)

In the second part of this article, we examine why Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most successful football clubs has been on the decline. It also proffers advice as to what the team can do in order to return to winning ways again.

Which World Football League Is The Best Of The Best

The author compares and contrasts the English Premiership league, the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A in terms of the players, marketing, style, competitveness and more to determine which is the best league. The author is hard pushed but comes to the conclusion that the English Premiership league is the best overall league.

Time Wasting Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Every match I seem to watch there’s time wasting. But that’s just part of the game and just one of a number of childish things that go on during a football match.

The Rules of Soccer: Game Etiquette Toward Officials

Soccer excites passions and emotions throughout the world. Now growing by leaps and bounds in the United States, there are many things that new soccer moms and dads need to learn about the sport. One of those things is how to treat the referee at the field.

Italian Hooliganism

There are reports in the press which are detailing the rise in popularity of unrest and hooliganism at Italian football (soccer) matches. Each week sees major disturbances at football matches amongst crowds.

Calling All Football Fans

What a fantastic season it’s been so far and it promises to come to a scintillating finish with promotion, relegation and the small matter of a Premiership title to sort out. I’ve been tipping Chelsea all year for the title but as we speak Manchester United are going great guns and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop them. If they keep Ronaldo and Rooney fit, I can only believe that I’ll be left with egg on my face come the end of the season.

The Maradona 7 – A Classic Soccer Trick

Diego Armando Maradona invented this very soccer trick in the early 1980s in one of the Argentine Clausura soccer matches at half time. He combines a set of juggling soccer skills starting from left foot to right foot, then left knee to right knee, then left shoulder to right shoulder and finally heading the ball to complete the whole sequence.

How to Enhance Soccer Performance Recovery

The demands on youth soccer players today are ever increasing, as soccer has now become a year round sport. Not only do players participate in high school soccer and club soccer in the fall, winter, and spring, but now players are involved in summer leagues as well.

Soccer shoes – All About.

Wanna be the next David Beckham? Follow his footsteps by starting it off with getting yourself the right pair of soccer shoes. Soccer shoes also known as soccer cleats or soccer footwear have been customized and improved over the years to fit the weather, field and player style. Designed specifically for the sport of soccer, innovations have undoubtedly been stylistic and glamorous that the upper material has been enhanced from the traditional leather to synthetics with the adaptation and incorporation of synthetic polymers.

Youth Soccer Drills – What Coaches Need To Know

Youth Soccer Drills and tips for youth soccer coaches, parents and players. There are several things that the coaches need to keep in mind while giving lessons to the players during youth soccer drills…

Teaching Soccer – What Coaches Need to Know

Teaching Soccer and tips for youth soccer coaches, parents and players. There are several factors that a coach must take into careful consideration while teaching soccer tactics, especially while training young players.

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