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Brazil in Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010

Brazil were the favourites of the press and the analysts together with Spain. Just like the champion, Brazil team was one of those that got to South Africa with everything proven and well oiled.

Chile in Soccer World Cup – South Africa 2010

The whole country in Chile was proud of its National Team. The warm reception Chile paid to its National Team when they returned to Santiago reflects the fans’ satisfaction and pride for the work they performed in the World Cup.

Javier Chicharito Hernandez – A New Star for Manchester United

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, a man who over the past year has been unstoppable has signed with Manchester United. Hernandez is expected to become the next big superstar in international soccer.

Liverpool FC Getting Used to Mediocrity?

The demise of Liverpool football club and the daunting task facing incumbent manager, Roy Hodgson. How can The Reds get back to the top?

A New Man in Charge at Anfield

Liverpool is now under the ownership of a new man, or rather men. The New England Sports Venture (NESV) completed their long drawn out saga of a takeover on Friday, the exact deadline for repaying the Royal Bank of Scotland loan and hours before a potential administration and nine point deduction. Is it therefore time for Liverpool fans and the Spirit of Shankley supporters group to relax and look forward to a golden era or should they be nervous about being passed from one group of American Investors to another?

The History Of Bangor City Football Club

Bangor City Football Club are one of the oldest football clubs in Wales, they were formed in 1876, a few months after a club was formed in nearby Caernarfon, a fierce rivalry has existed between the two teams ever since. During the early years there wasn’t a structured league for Bangor to compete and they would play friendly matches and also entered the Welsh cup when it began 1877, Bangor being the first team from North Wales to win the Welsh Cup in 1889. A league was formed in 1893 consisting of teams from the North Wales Coast…

FIFA World Cup 2010: Celebrate A Goal With ‘Diski’ and Soda

The FIFA World Cup in South Africa has been the most colourful of them all. There has been no dearth of incidents, whether to do with the modes of celebration or contentious equipment or refereeing. Here’s a sampling…

FIFA World Cup Lead Up: Maradona Allows Wives, Girl Friends

According to Argentine team doctor Donato Villani, sex forms part of everyone’s social life and in itself is not a problem. The good doctor spoke these words in defence of Maradona’s decision to allow girl friends and wives to accompany the Argentine players to the World Cup. However, the doctor clarified that it had to be with a stable partner, and that the players should avoid “additives” like champagne or Viagra.

Referees Learn Four-Letter Words Ahead Of England Vs USA Match

Referees Carlos Simon, Altemir Hausman and Roberto Braatz were said to have committed 20 swear words to memory, in preparation for the match between England and USA, on Saturday. Now that Simon along with his assistant referees has learnt some four letter words, will he choose to answer abuse with abuse instead of issuing yellow and red cards? What about yellow four-letter words for infringements, and red four-letter words, for more major violations by players? If this trend continues, I foresee the day when a cheergirl’s saying “Gimme an F” or “Gimme a C” could have much more profound implications…

FIFA World Cup 2010: Cheaters Can No Longer Prosper?

Ahead of a world tournament such as the FIFA World Cup 2010, the organisers are worried about any attempt to obtain results using dubious and illegal methods. FIFA has issued a new directive to the 29 referees who will do duty at this year’s World Cup that could change the fortunes of teams that have hitherto been ineffective in penalty shootouts. The referees have been empowered to book any player who feints while taking the penalty kick. Any goal scored will be cancelled and the kick taken again.

FIFA World Cup 2010: New Jambulani Ball Spells Jumbo Problems For Goalkeepers

The new Jambulani ball designed for FIFA World Cup 2010 has caused a lot of talk among players. Especially goalkeepers, who have expressed the fear that the ball moves too quickly, for comfort. Also, they claim, the ball is not easy to handle.

Gary McAllister – Liverpool FC Legend

Despite only playing for Liverpool Football Club for two seasons, Gary McAllister became a true Liverpool legend. McAllister was part of the team that won three major trophies, scoring some crucial goals along the way.

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