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Soccer Training Tips – Some Tips to Make Your Soccer Learning Fast

Soccer is indeed a very popular sport worldwide, and from children to adults, everyone wants to learn how Ronaldinho moves or how he manages to take such great control of the ball. If you are one of the many soccer fans who want to try your luck in learning the sport, you may want to find out some soccer training tips to help you learn it fast.

Fitness For Soccer – How to Become a Fast and Fit Soccer Player

Soccer is one popular sport and many people – young and old are interested not only in watching the sport but in learning it as well. However, soccer is one very demanding sport, which is why it is important to learn some workouts that can improve your fitness for soccer.

Strength Training For Soccer – Ways to Improve Your Skills and Prevent You From Injuries

Strength training for soccer players has become an important part in preparing oneself to be fit for every match. Indeed, soccer is a physically demanding game, with all the quick movements you need, the stamina to help you last throughout the game. With proper strength training, you can indeed push your performance to its peak and prevent injuries as well.

Fake Your Way to Football Success

Faking is also an important weapon from free kicks, with most teams having set plays from these type of situations. Some players can fake there intention to take a pass and let the ball go between there legs to a team mate behind them. It all sounds complicated, but once you have practised a few times it will all become second nature. And think of the look on your opponents face when your bluff has worked and your team has scored a goal.

The Importance of Lower Body Strength For Soccer Speed

What is your first step to becoming a faster soccer player? First, it’s mastering the technique and learning the basics. In order to get faster, you need to get stronger. And fortunately, you don’t need access to a gym to accomplish that!

3 Steps You Should Follow For Improved Soccer Speed

In this article I’ll share something with you that very often is either forgotten or ignored – a proper warm-up. You see, when it comes to improving soccer speed and soccer agility, we are often so caught up in what exercises, skills or drills to perform in order to get quicker on the soccer field.

My Soccer Coaching Philosophy

Win at all Cost? Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing? What happened to enjoying the game?

The Under 20 World Cup’s Most Promising Players

Some of the most talented players under the age of twenty are showcasing their talent at FIFA’s Under-20 World Cup taking place in Egypt. This Championship has brought soccer greats like Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho into the limelight. Here’s who to look out for this year:

World Cup 2010 – Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Well, England, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, Ghana, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Korea DPR have qualified, so has host South Africa, for the 2010 World Cup. That’s 11 teams with dreams to win the title so far… What about Argentina? Does it have a chance or will it miss the soccer fiesta for the first time in 40 years? Let’s take a look…

Under-20 World Cup at Egypt

This year’s top youth soccer competition kicked off on 24 September in Egypt and we’re in the thick of the action, with teams in their youth soccer uniforms vying for the title and players looking out to impress. As of now, ten nations have made it to Round 16 – Brazil, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Venezuela, Ghana, Italy, Paraguay, Uruguay and UAE. Let’s take a look at the teams and the history of this tournament…

World Cup 2010 – South Africa is Ready, Are You?

Keep your soccer shirts ready, South Africa is all set to give you an unconventional and truly memorable World Cup next year. Working full throttle, the country is ready to launch its first wildlife soccer venue, the Mbombela Stadium in the province of Mpumalanga. Besides the friendly local population, there’ll be giant, orange shaped giraffes to welcome you from the roof and black and white zebra print seats!

Soccer Fathers & Sons!

Soccer fever runs high among fans from different countries, it also runs among siblings and friends. But did you know it also runs in the genes, with fathers and sons both taking the pitch? Here’s a look at some famous father and son duos taking centre stage on the pitch, though separated by a decade or more…

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