9v9 Formations: 1-4-3-1 Formation Defending Phase – How this formation relates to the 11v11 game

Bobby Charlton Soccer Legend

Bobby Charlton was a prolific goal scorer with an individualistic style of play, noted for his long runs and precision with a soccer ball. By the age of nineteen he had already played in the FA Cup Final, he was a midfield player with a powerful kick and a natural feel for soccer, a striker with great skill, accuracy and consistency. He played as a forward for Manchester United from 1956 to 1973.After only two seasons he earned a regular place on the United first team.

Spanish Football – Barcelona at the Top of La Liga

The Blaugranas of the Spanish League, the FC Barcelona, reached the top of the table of the Spanish Primera Liga this past Saturday, by beating the Malaga team 1-4. The game was hard for Barcelona as heavy rainstorms were falling at the Malaga home stadium. But that didn’t matter to Barca since they did a great job all game long and took advantage of their opportunities in the match.

Spanish Famous Soccer Players

Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain. The Spain soccer team is a superior team and has produced the famous Spanish soccer players for years. As a national team, Spain was not able to achieve any success in FIFA world cup except the 1998 world cup. The team reached the quarterfinal stage by winning eight matches. This was only the best impressive performance in FIFA games where they lost to France. Spain participated in eleven world cups and it was ranked number four in 1950.

French Soccer Players

The French soccer team is the most competitive soccer team in international football. France is a multi cultural country and the national team includes French soccer players of all origins and playing styles. The French soccer team is famous for their tradition playing style that includes strong defense and lot of common sense. The French soccer team won the FIFA world cup in 1998 and prestigious European Championship in 2000. Also, they reached the semi finals in 1958, 1982, and 1986.

Arsenal FC Team

Introduction and History: Arsenal Football Club, a professional English football club located in Holloway, North London is regarded as one of the most successful clubs in English football history. They have conquered thirteen First Division and Premier League titles, including ten FA Cup titles. Arsenal is the first Southern club, founded in 1886, to join the Football League.

C Ronaldo – Pros and Cons

Though C. Ronaldo MAY look unbeatable right now but there is or may be even are, downsides with his style of play. So cutting all the crap in trying to compare him to L. Messi lets have a look shall we at C.Ronaldo.

Who Invented Soccer? – A History of the Sport

Football as it stands we know it today has its origins in the UK. England is the birthplace of modern football, but since time immemorial exist in almost all cultural and peoples of the world very similar to football games.

South Africa Trips – World Cup 2010

South Africa grabbed the luck to be the seat for World Cup 2010. The ceremony will be launched on June and July 2010. These sports and events takes place all around ten stadiums and cities comprising the Cape Town. The stadiums have been sketched and the building has started. In fact the tickets are for sale on the various venues put up on the website.

The Day the ‘Catenaccio’ Died

The catenaccio is a tactical system in soccer that implicate strong defence, hard tackling and the use of a particular role player, the sweeper, who is positioned just ahead of the goalkeeper. In this way the sweeper (or libero in Italian language) recovers balls lost by his team-mates or helps in double marking if needed. It was largely and successfully used in 60’s by Italian clubs as Inter, Milan and Triestina.

The Gooners’ Chronicles – Arsenal in Turmoil

“Clueless”,” Spineless” and” Horrible” are criticisms spreading across the world by football fans when they saw the recent Arsenal. Are they right? Unfortunately, yes. As a staunch believer of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, I always take their criticisms lightly until the Gunners lost themselves in Britannia Stadium.

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

The 1919/20 season heralded the dawn of a new era for Glasgow Rangers as manager William Wilton and number two William Struth initiated a Glasgow Rangers dominance that was to last until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Though winning this season with 31 wins out of 42 games and scoring 106 goals, it was overshadowed by the subsequent death of manager, William Wilton.

Can Liverpool Win the Premiership?

It is one of the most discussed topics regarding English football right now. Liverpool have made their best ever start to a Premier League season and sit joint top of the table with Luiz Felipe Scolari’s Chelsea. However, is it simply a case of a decent run of form or do this Liverpool team have the staying power to challenge for the title this year?

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