1st Away-Win for Stuttgart | Wolfsburg – Stuttgart 0-2 | All Goals | Matchday 15 – Bundesliga 21/22

Football Freestyle Competitions

Is there any football freestyle competitions? Have there been any freestyle competitions? will there be any competitions in the future? Here’s a little something about competitions in the world of freestyle!

Soccer Practice Plans – Get Advice for Your Practice Plans

The investment of time is required to plan out an effective soccer practice schedule. That is, if you have the required knowledge about the game to complete the task. The best coaches have a plan for what they want to teach their players, as well as a vast supply of drills to draw from that helps them to cover each particular topic.

Soccer Practice Plans – A Manual for Success

If you are a soccer coach, time is the most valuable resource because it is limited. You must have a plan to maximize the quality of the little practice time you do have with your team in order to develop your players. Therefore, having a pre-planned soccer practices can greatly increase your chances for success.

Darlington Football Shirts Take a Massive Step in the Right Direction

Darlington give fans the chance to be immortalized on the away shirt of their favorite side. What a fantastic idea and good for them.

Bolton Wanderers Football Shirts Are Premiership Class

In the world of football shirts, Bolton Wanderers are truly unique. After all, can you name another side that have their kit manufactured and sponsored by the same brand?

Football Freestyle

I’m sure you have seen many of those football ads on TV where the pros show of with some crazy football tricks. They have been around for years and year, but what is really possible to do with a football?

Soccer Players – Listen Up

Are you a soccer player in search for new things to practice in order to improve your game? Well I suggest you keep reading this article!

Football Games To Play

Are you looking for different football games to play? In the following text I will explain some, so keep reading.

Aston Villa Football Shirts Get a Much Needed Lift

Aston Villa football shirts are improving nearly as quickly as their team.

Arsenal Football Shirts Gunning for Success

Arsenal football shirts are up there with the very best, just like their team. Some people might argue they’re on the decline, but if their shirts are anything to go by, then this could prove to be an excellent season for the Gunners.

Freestyle Football

Freestyle Football, what is it? Who invented freestyle? I’ll try and give you some answers here.

How to Improve Your Soccer Dribbling Skills

A good dribble is not only spectacular, but it can be extremely efficient in a game, so I’m going to dedicate the following article to explaining how soccer dribbling works, how you can train it, focus on a couple of special dribbling moves and see what soccer abilities affect your dribbling skill.

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